Insanity on Parade

The Massachusetts House passed a bill legally abolishing sex.

The Massachusetts House of Representatives voted 116-36 Wednesday to legally demolish the notion of biological sex in favor of “gender identity.” A similar bill passed the Massachusetts Senate last month. Gov. Charlie Baker has already said he’ll sign the bill.

“The Gender Identity Public Accommodations Bill” (H.4343) provides a three-front advance of transgender “anti-discrimination” laws, reports Conservative Review:

  1. It replaces the word “sex” with “gender identity” in multiple areas of Massachusetts law.
  2. The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination must amend rules and policies to comply with this shift from biological sex to “gender identity.”
  3. It allows people to use the restroom or locker room that matches their gender identity.

Victory brought eye-popping hyperbole from the bill’s co-sponsor, Rep. Byron Rushing. “We are doing the work the founders of our nation intended for us to do,” said Rushing, “This is a great day for us and we should be very proud.”

My comment: Go to confession, get shrived, set your worldly affairs in order, buy firearms, stock the basement with foodstuffs and fuel.

It is that bad. The keel beam of the ship just broke, we are taking water fore and aft, and the crew are busily pumping water aboard as quickly as can be, the pilot steers toward the reef, the engines are roaring full speed ahead.