The Fix is In

Well, it is now official: Liberty is dead.

Rich and corrupt elite hags with friends in high places can break laws with impunity. The laws change from day to day and hour to hour, so that whether you are punished or vindicated does not depend on what you do, but who you know.

Rule of Law is over, killed by the Left. Now the government is a power struggle between savage and bloodthirsty, enemy factions, each who will stop at nothing in clawing for power, and none of whom has any worldly reason to trust any truce, seek any reconciliation, or favor any peace.

The Executive cannot correct this corruption, as it is its source; the Legislative branch has forsworn the practice of legislation, and merely signs bills no one reads, passes budgets no one budgets, and holds hearings which have no point, purpose, or effect; the Judiciary have usurped powers far in excess of their lawful powers, without any check or complaint. The Press, once the watchdogs of liberty, are actively, fanatically and with unholy monomania conniving to destroy our liberties and aid and abet enemy action against us, no matter the cost to themselves, no matter the loss to their credibility.

You fools. You damnable fools.

You had the greatest republic and the finest form of government in the history of life on Earth, the most bountiful land, the most just and self-disciplined of people, the freest press, the most abundant wealth, the greatest advancement in law, technology, medicine … and you threw it all into the sewer with a curse, and got nothing in return.

May God have mercy on this wretched nation.