He says what needs saying. Take heed:


Editors, understand your target market, then buy stories you think your audience will like enough so they will continue to give you money for them.

Authors, write the best stories you can and try to sell them. Be professional. Keep improving. Repeat.  

My comment: imagine the shoe was on the other foot, and this diversity freak out were instead an article about how Christian virtues, values, and ideals were insufficiently hammered across the heads of the vile pagan infidels and Philistines whom it is our sad duty to teach our enlightenment. Do you think our friends on the Progressive side of the Force would welcome such a message with cool aplomb? Or would they take such a manifesto as a declaration of war?

More to the point, would they not see it as a declaration that we are missionaries sent to preach, not writers paid to entertain?

I am willing to preach my opinions. I do it free of charge, right here, right now. But if I take money from a customer, I am morally obliged to give him the goods for which he paid, not to swap the story he bought for the sermon I decided was for his own good.