Names in Superluminary

I recently posted in this place my notes of the role playing game on which my pulp serial SUPERLUMINARY is based. Some reader asked me about the names, which for a variety of reasons, I changed.

For the convenience of any curious readers, let me post here the list of characters of the drama.

TitleNameChild ofStratonic Tech
Lord TerraEvripades Zenon TelthexorthopolisWarptech
Lord PlutoDarius TellXianxiang(Invisibility, paralysis)
Lord NeptuneEleftherios TellAquarine(Gravitics)
Lord UranusSpyridon TellIsabella(Astropsionics)
Lord SaturnGeras TellRanidaayani(Timewarp, Palaeoscope)
Lord JupiterBromius TellRanidaayani(Electromagnetism)
Lady CeresZoë RomanovFilchingmort(Vitalism)
Lady VestaMarina SavageAquarine(Theropathy)
Lady PallasAspasia TellFilchingmort(Various mental abilities)
Lord MarsThucydides TellIsabella(Antimatter)
Lady LunaPenthesilia TellLord Jupiter, Clia(Dream reading, insanity)
Fr. BeastAnargyrosIsabella(Metanthropy)
Lady VenusNephelethea CimonRanidaayani(Mind Control)
Lord MercuryProcopius TellFilchingmort(Disinertia, Contortion)
  • Nephelethea Cimon, Lady Venus married Anchises Cimon, Duke of Schleswig Holstein Sonderberg Plon Rethwisch, who died under mysterious circumstances.
  • Marina Savage, Lady Vesta, married Hunter Savage, a Neolithic from Antarctica.
  • Zoë Romanov, Lady Ceres, married the Nicolas III, Czar of all the Russias.
  • Xianxiang means Beautiful Perfume. She is the genetic descendant of the last Manchu
  • Aquarine is the first Atlantean, the first human race created by pantropy.
  • Isabella is Her Most Royal Catholic Majesty of the Holy Roman Empire of Brazil
  • Ranidaayani is Rani of Greater Tibet. She is a psychic, a daayani.
  • Filchingmort is President, sole Senator and Justice, and Crime Queen of post-apocalyptic America. (The name is thief cant for she-thief.)