Zaklog’s Invite to a Discussion

A regular reader asked me to pass along this announcement and invitation:

I am seriously considering starting an online book discussion group specifically to talk about Aristotle’s Rhetoric. I chose the subject because Vox Day seems to consider it of great importance, and because I tried reading it on my own and was not very successful. I figured having a number of people to talk it out with would make the book more tractable.

My current plan is to host this subject as a series of Disqus forums, getting through a certain number of pages per week (roughly, varying with chapter divisions). First off, I have never managed a project like this before, so if anyone has suggestions, I am all ears. (This includes suggestions for other venues. I am not firmly committed to Disqus; it’s just the first idea I had.) Second, I invite any regular commenters here to join in. If our host does not mind, I will post links to the discussions as they open up.

If you are interested, I must warn you, I first broached this idea on Vox Day’s blog and I plan on inviting his readers as well. They are . . . not quite as polite over there as is the custom here. While I do intend to do the necessary duties of moderating, I’m not especially interested in making everyone play nice. It is likely to be rough and tumble and you (and I) will almost certainly be offended from time to time.

That said, the invitation is open and I am open for advice.