Thank you, Dear and Gracious Readers!

Hey, Jagi here!

I just wanted to take this moment, while John is napping during a late lunch break, to thank you all, once more, for your amazing generosity.

Not only did we both pay the mortgage and eat (amazing in itself!) but there was so much bounty from the gifts you all sent that I was able to:
pay our back creditors (including two bills that were over two years old);
pay additional current bills;
buy pants for the Cherubim–who is doing a work-study thing at school and needed pants without holes;
repaired the air conditioner;
put aside money to repair the kitchen light (which has been out for a month or so. Very hard to cook in the dark! Really looking forward to that being fixed next week);
buy shoes for two of the children (both of whom has holes in their soles);
buy an outfit for the princess to start her new job training program;
share a bit of the bounty with two friends in dire need;
fix the laptop someone had dropped;
buy John a Roku for his birthday (he’d been asking to watch Netflix on the TV for two years or more);
go out for a meal–to celebrate all the bounty and the release of the third Book of Unexpected Enlightenment
And, with the exception of the last, a bunch of other equally practical things that were needed around the house. (I did splurge and buy a treat for each of the three animals.)

And this doesn’t include, books, drawing pads, and other wonderful things that arrived at the house! (A picture from the wonderful gift of a drawing pad should be appearing sometime soon.) Thank you! Thank you!

I wanted to let you all know that your gifts were tremendously appreciated…and I tried to put it all to good and practical use.

Much gratitude,

The Wright Family