A Correction

I don’t like to admit I am wrong at the bottom of a long comment thread, when I can do it in public and take my humiliation like a man, but I am wrong when I said this:

Without identity politics, the Alt-Right are no different from Tea Party or from Goldwater conservatives. They are just honest men annoyed at Political Correctness, as all honest men should be.

A read with the erudite yet warlike name of Scholar at Arms writes:

I respectfully disagree. They are “alt” to mainstream conservatism, which has been dragged leftwards, chiefly by National Review. More mainstream conservatives like Bill Whittle refusing to burn incense to the Left’s PC gods and confronting the Pajama Boys like Goldberg & Beck who do would do great things for building relations between Conservatism & the alt-Right.

I confess you have the better of me here. I respectfully accept the correction.

“Conservative” used to mean the people who are not RINO uni-party left-leaning Rockefeller Republicans, and referred to Goldwater Republicans. In fact “conservative” was the term we used to distinguish ourselves from the RINOs.

After Trump was nominated, the parties changed. Or, rather, a change that had been long in the making became visible to the general public. Instead of Democrats versus Republicans, we now had the uniparty of the Globalists, consisting of the Dems and the treasonous Republican establishment on the one had versus on the other hand the Americans, the Trump Republicans, Libertarians, and Alt-Right.

However, for so long as Milo Yiannopoulos and Donald Trump use the word “conservative” to refer to themselves, I shall also, despite the obvious ambiguity and limitations of that term.

I also would like to see good relations between the Conservatives and Alt-Right, and so will try to keep my criticisms of them, in any, confined to private circles, for the same reason that I think arguments about denominational differences between Christians should be held outside of the range of heathen ears.

(In fact, I think I will edit the column and remove remarks best kept private.)