HONOR AT STAKE for Today Only!

An announcement from our friend Declan Finn:

The Dragon Award Nominated Honor at Stake is now available, for Cyber Monday only, for $.99 on Kindle.

This Catholic Vampire novel managed to … um… stake… its claim for originality by using Catholic theology and natural law philosophy in the development of its vampire lore (with some microbiology thrown in for fun).

As the description says…

One is a heartless, blood thirsty monster.

The other is a vampire.

College freshman, Amanda Colt knows few people and wants to know fewer still. She enjoys fencing and prefers facing a challenge every once in a while. She is beautiful, smart, and possibly the most interesting person on campus…and most people stop after the first adjective.

Then she finds Marco Catalano in her fencing class. He is tall, attractive, and very intense. With a mind like a computer and manners of a medieval knight, he scares most people. Except Amanda. They both havesecrets, for they are both monsters.

As they draw closer, they must find the line between how much they can trust each other, and how much they can care for each other. Each carries a secret that can destroy the other. They must come to grips with their personal drama soon, because a darkness is rising. Bodies are turning up all over New York, and an army of vampires is closing in on all sides.

They have only one hope … each other.

It has been well reviewed. And the sequel, Murphy’s Law of Vampires is already out.

And Declan has two other books out for $.99 today, but he thought he’d go with the one that netted him the Dragon Nomination. Enjoy.