The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of Defeat

Here is the Guardian, once home of Damian Walter, reporting the reaction of the Hillary supporters to their loss.


You see, everyone they knew and trusted told them the race was in the bag, a done deal, a certainty.


Put no trust in princes, O Sons of Adam, for they are Sons of sinful Adam just as are you. Put no trust in pundits, Daughters of Eve, for they are deceptive Daughters of Eve just as are you.


By way of contrast



I have heard he rumor that Mrs. Clinton neither gave, nor prepared, a concession speech. It would be a rare thing if this rumor proves true, because surely she did not believe her own propaganda about the inevitable invulnerability of victory?

UPDATE: The rumor did not last. Mrs. Clinton did, late the next day, issue a pro forma concession speech, that seemed remarkably gracious, all things considered.

She quotes, or, rather, paraphrases scripture at the end of her speech, which surprised me, as John Podesta was next to her. The camera did not show him writhing in agony, dissolving into ashes, or melting.

UPDATE II: As it turns out, apparently the reason why she did not make a timely concession speech, as a man would have, was because she was crying.

I do not vouch for the accuracy of this report, but, if it is true, then the repeal of the Nineteenth Amendment would seem to be in order. If women blubber and weep when they lose elections, and their candidates weep as well, then the weaker sex would seem to be unsuited to the stress and turmoil of democracy.

I do not recall scenes of public lamentation from disappointed partisans of Romney or McCain, much less the horrific scene of riots, disorders and flag-burnings funded by vengeful donors on our side of the aisle.


A reader sends pictures of the White House staff, Mr. Obama’s people, coming to greet Mr. Trump during his first visit of the transition period.