How to Jeffro the Unwary

I am delighted to live in an era of Science Fiction history when typing the words “Appendix N” into a search feature on YouTube returns many voices speaking about the New Pulp movement and its twin sister, the Superversive Movement.

I confess I had not heard of this video blogger before, but he speaks highly of Jeffro Johnson, and, more to the point, he speaks of Conan the Barbarian, and John Carter, Warlord of Mars.

At around 6.20 he mentions the Superversive SF movement by name. We are growing. The name and fame are noised about, and our movement is magnified!

If it is not clear before from my writings, I voice full throated support for New Pulp, New Space Opera, and New Space Princess movements, and any and all literary movements which will break us all free as readers and writers from the withered and scabrous hand of the subversive movement which has dominated SF for decades, and the most recent strain of the disease, SJW-SF, which had strangled the Hugo on its own spew, rendered once fine magazines irrelevant and unreadable, and attempted unwisely to impose an ideological conformity on the one genre just famed for obeying no rules and carving all sacred cows into tasty barbecue spare ribs.

Join us! Shake the dust off your shoes at all diseased and colorless yarns about antiheroes trapped in pointless plots, and all pro-trans-gay dino-revenge non-SF yarns about upside down worlds covered in gender-fluid AI cat pictures in space!

Fans of the SF world unite! You have nothing to lose but your boredom!