Note on White Nationalism

“Is there any way to make white nationalism defensible?”

No. A Jewish ethnostate is possible and desirable because Judaism is both a race and a religion.

A religion is what actually governs a man’s basic virtues and worldview.

Persons in a nation state must share basic virtues and worldview to be able to maintain civility and cohesion.

“Whiteness” is not a philosophy, not a worldview, not a thing that produces a certain outlook or demands a certain loyalty.

What everyone thinks is “the White race” is nothing more or less than the ghost of an increasingly decayed and secular Protestantism trying to find a secular replacement for the spirit of the Catholic Church, which, before the Reformation, was the sole animating spirit of Western Europe.

Before the Great Schism in the Tenth Century, the Church was the sole animating spirit of Eastern Europe as well, not to mention, before the Seventh Century, the Middle Eastern and North African lands as well.

The things modern race science claims are the virtues and strengths of the White Man are merely Christian virtues which come from being Christianized, including the environmental factors that lead to a divergence of IQ test scores, and the other junk science on which the modern racists place so much emphasis.

America is the only nation that returned to the humility of the kings of the Middle Ages, who did not establish themselves as their own national popes, heads of their own national churches, because America’s genius was the First Amendment, which, it is to be remembered, undid the Protestant innovation of using secular power to govern spiritual matters.

Now, America did not return to the bosom of the universal Church, she was, after all, overwhelmingly Protestant. But she did try to leave a vacuum in the place in society normally occupied by an international and universal Church. She built a pyramid with no capstone.

Of course, nature abhors a vacuum, and so the Left moved into that capstone, and became the moral and spiritual leadership of the nation, as a Church should be, and had their sacraments (abortion) and their priesthood (the news) and their false prophets (Obama, who could slow the rise of the oceans).

Now we are seeking to overturn that evil church, and you are seeking in an abortive and unscientific racial idea what cannot possibly be found there.

Spiritual guidance and an answer to the questions of life can only be found where the spirit is, and in the hand of the Lord who grants life.

But the measure you use you will be measured by. If Black Pride is virtuous, so is White Pride. If White Price is not virtuous, then neither is Black Pride.

In any case, let us not ask about a White Nation. Let us talk about a Christian nation. A white socialist nation would no less a hellhole than a yellow socialist nation. Stalinist Russia was not freer than Maoist China.

America, the first nation in history where all men were free to worship each man as his conscience saw fit, was the most Christian nation in history, despite having not a single pro-Christian law on any lawbooks. It was a Christian nation by custom and by culture, not by laws.

But the culture did not hold the line. In the 1970s the Christians surrendered to a more seductive and persuasive worldview, that of Leftism, which seemed to them better to fit the world described by Darwin, Freud, and Marx.