In case any of my honest readers wonder why my tone is strident and militant of late, and why I speak of drawing the sword against the Ctrl+Left, allow me to proffer three points to explain my conclusion.

First Point:

The modern creature of the Ctrl+Left, sometimes called a Social Justice Warrior or Thought Policeman, Political Correctoid or Crybully, and sometimes called a Morlock, is a different animal from the allegedly Freethinking Liberals of older days.

Freethinking Liberals of yore, at least in this country, at least paid lip service to the idea of freedom of speech and conscience.

They were against violent revolution. They were poisonous, and eager to corrupt the youth (which they did with startling success, unopposed) but not eager for open violence.

They at least claimed to be open to dialog. They at least pretended to be open to reason.

The modern Ctrl+Leftist is a jihadist bent on forcing the world to adopt his pseudo-religious view.  He is eager for blood. He dismissed any thought of negotiation.

In this view, White Male Straight Christians are the Devil, and all others are oppressed proletarians authorized to use any degree of violence needed to hurt the Devil.

The Devil is presumed guilty of imaginary interference with the birth of an imaginary utopia.

The imaginary utopia is promised to arrive once all Western institutions, from private property to rule of law to limited government to monotheism to monogamy, is dead and forgotten.

The imaginary utopia is promised to arrive once all the Devils are silenced, reprogrammed, broken, or dead.

Hence the Ctrl+Left is very much in favor of violent revolution. (See the continual rioting since Trump’s election for details.)

This Ctrl+Left view has nothing to do with the freethinking Liberals who once supported, or claimed to support, the white men of the working class, farmers, factory hands, and small shop owners.

In many ways, freethinking Liberalism of older days is the direct opposite of such a view.

Second Point:

We have the experience of the Twentieth Century to draw upon to see what happens when violent radicalism among the Left, in the form of Communism, erupts into action.

The Communists said they were for violent revolution. They engaged in violent revolution. What does that look like? What are the human costs?

A single example among one hundred million should suffice.

Here is a comment found at random in the wilderness of the Internet. It was attached to a video where the comments of hipster young communist was describing how violent crime was always acceptable, on the grounds that without property rights, there would be no theft.

I know nothing of his name or background. A stranger to me, yet my heart goes out to him. Hear him.

Communists killed 11 members of my immediate family. People like him [the hipster] happily beat my grandfather to death because my grandfather committed the crime of being a teacher. 1 of my cousins committed suicide because she could not stand to be torture again. 5 died of starvation because, like this man, the Communist wanted to destroy private property. If they want revolution they should know that people like me will exterminate them.

Third Point:

The Ctrl+Left shares the same roots, and enjoys the uninterrupted lineal descent, and uses the exact same conceptual framework, and at times the same lingo, to describe relations between Whites and Minorities as Communists used to describe the mutually beneficial economic relationship between workers and capitalists.

The pseudo-religious language of inevitability and fatalism is used, the same pseudo-religious imagery of a violent apocalypse and a paradise hovering on pink clouds beyond the foreground of bloodshed and justifying it.

Hence, there is no difference between Ctrl+Left and Communism, except for insignificant surface features.

Same old heresy. New paint job.

As the Communists before them, the Ctrl+Left will say that he is for violent revolution. There is no reason to dismiss his  claim, and one hundred million ghosts will testify that such a claim demands serious attention.


Hence, the evidence is strong that the Ctrl+Left hates you and means to kill you, not because you are guilty of any wrongdoing, but because and merely because you are innocent, free, and Christian.

And kill us all, and kill millions, and, as they have before, turn on each other, and kill and kill without cause, sense or stint.

The Ctrl+Left is acting to prepare for the moment when that can be accomplished.

My Conclusion:

The first drops of the storm have fallen. The time to mend the hole in the roof is not after the rain starts.

Likewise, the time to replace weak bricks in the walls is not when the barbarians are crawling over the gates.

The danger is vast in scope, near in time, and high in probability. Hence my warlike words.

At times like these, facing barbarians like these, words of peace and reconciliation invite attack. Let them see the sunlight shining off the drawn sword and the eager spear like a line of beacons. If they cower, war is averted.

Barbarians are craven. The cannot govern their passions and will not be governed by laws. That is what makes them barbarians.

Hence, they are either at your throat or under your heel. The more prepared we are for battle, the less eager are they for it.