Daughter of Danger

The nameless girl does not know who or what she is. She does not even know her name. But she quickly learns that she has enemies who are trying to kill her, as well as lethal skills that no girl her age should know. And, she inadvertently discovers, she can also fly.

Her only clue to her identity is the mysterious, shape-changing ring on her finger that appears to be alive. And the one thing she knows for a certainty is that she must find out who she is before the monsters chasing her are able to hunt her down. DAUGHTER OF DANGER is the fourth book of MOTH & COBWEB, an astonishing new series about magical worlds of Day, Night, and Twilight by John C. Wright.

John C. Wright is one of the living grandmasters of science fiction and the author of THE GOLDEN AGE, AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND, and IRON CHAMBER OF MEMORY, to name just three of his exceptional books. He has been nominated for both the Nebula and Hugo Awards, and his novel SOMEWHITHER won the 2016 Dragon Award for Best Science Fiction Novel.

DAUGHTER OF DANGER is 155 pages, DRM-free, and retails for $4.99 on Amazon and the Castalia House bookstore. It will soon be available on iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and the Google Play store as well.It probably won’t have escaped your attention that we’ve got a new cover artist for the series; we will have new covers out for the first three books as well. Below is the image that will be the cover for both the Swan Knight’s Son ebook and the print editions of the Green Knight’s Squire trilogy which is presently in production.