Razorfist on Elric

Elric of Melniboné,  whose exploits were faithfully recorded by the famed (if notorious) Michael Moorcock,  is one of those characters I am glad I read when I was young, because I do not think I could enjoy such stories today, as my tastes have narrowed.

But a luminary of the fantasy genre he certainly is. He is the anti-Conan, frail where Conan was brawny, overcivilized and decadent where Conan was hale and barbaric, etc., and hence is the godfather of all the dark fantasy antiheroes we now swamping the genre.

Bishonen Elric, aka Emo of Melnibone

Here is Razorfist (who I am glad to see shares beliefs with me not only on politics but on the far more important topic of comics and pulps) in his normal over-the-top and foul-mouthed way, giving the honest truth about the Elric stories.

He and Jeffro Johnson should talk. There is a strong Appendix N vibe to this video article.

Language warning! Razorfist swears like a sailor, so this clip is not safe for work or home. Or anywhere.