Count to Infinity — Preorder Now! Preorder Often!

A fan wrote me this morning and told me my book was on sale for pre-order on Amazon. This is the first time I’ve seen the cover art.

Count to Infinity is now available for pre-order.

From the publisher’s description:

The spectacular conclusion to the thought-provoking hard SF Eschaton Sequence, exploring future history and human evolution.

An epic space opera finale worthy of the scope and wonder of The Eschaton Sequence: Menelaus Montrose is locked in a final battle of wits, bullets, and posthuman intelligence with Ximen del Azarchel for the fate of humanity in the far future.

The alien monstrosities of Ain at long last are revealed, their hidden past laid bare, along with the reason for their brutal treatment of Man and all the species seeded throughout the galaxy. And they have still one more secret that could upend everything Montrose has fought for and lived so long to achieve.


Actually, but the revelation of the Ain, their hidden past, and their reason for the brutal treatment of Man and all species seed throughout the galaxy happened in the last book, THE VINDICATION OF MAN.

This volume concerns the shipwreck of Menelaus, wounded and weakened, surviving his most recent duel with Del Azarchel, the civilization he builds; his voyaging to M3; his captivity, slavery, and triumph, his discovery the revelation of true reasons behind the galactic civil war, and the sinister role Andromeda played in Milky Way evolution.

The  tale then describes his passage to Andromeda, his elevation across aeons in multiple bodies to archonship of the Galaxy; his death and resurrection from most ancient archives; his renewed wars with Del Azarchel in the Virgo Cluster; the intervention of the Seraphim; their exile to the Horologium Supercluster; and their final duel to settle the fate the universe. Will entropy or infinity triumph?

The Amazon dates are not always accurate, but it looks like this volume is scheduled to hit the bookstores just after Christmas is over.