Policy Shift

Hitherto, I have only banned holocaust deniers from my site. However, my patience for any fashion of anti-Semitic remark has been worn out.

I have a personal interest in the matter. My father in law fought the Nazis in Europe during World War Two, and he won a purple heart while liberating a prison camp. He was also one of the reporters for STARS AND STRIPES, and wrote up Nuremberg trials, of which he was an eyewitness. He was Jewish by birth.

He himself, personally, has done more to aid this nation and protect Western Civilization than any number of random slanderers and chickens little eager to stir up enmity between the races.

If my choice is between honoring the family versus extending courtesy to an uncouth idea opposed to goodness, justice and reason, I chose honor. Those who make much ado about bloodline forming one’s primary loyalty should approve.

The Church teaches than no man’s birth bars him from being baptized, and that all baptized Christians are my brethren. Racism teaches that one’s character, ideals, and loyalties are fated by birth, and that enmity between certain bloodlines is inevitable. Hence, racism is mutually exclusive with the teachings of Christ.

Civilization is built on law and order, which presupposes objective laws. Objectivity in law means judgment is due to individual guilt or innocence.

The assertion of legal privileges, rank, or handicaps imposed by birth mean collective guilt or innocence is a matter of birth, which means punishment is indifferent to guilt, reward indifferent to innocence.

This is the opposite of objectivity in law, and is an abomination of naked injustice. Subjective, partial or partisan justice is a contradiction in terms. It contradicts and erodes the benefits of civilization. It is tribal barbarism write large.

Racism is also one more form of fatalism, which denies free will. Like all philosophies that deny free will, racism denies itself. According to racist logic, the contents of a man’s character are determined by his bloodline. But whether I embrace or reject racism is a matter of my character.

Ergo if this is also determined by bloodline, then it follows that any race, such as Red Indians, of inferior stock is bedeviled by a genetic weakness for racism just as they are bedeviled by a low genetic resistance to alcoholism; and ergo a superior race, such as the Anglosaxon, is free from the racism gene. In evidence whereof, please note how few voice ever attempt to convince anyone outside the White Race to adopt racism. My English heritage makes me immune to its lure.

In which case, by its own terms, racism is vain to preach and vain to heed.

My sense of honor and fairplay does not require for such antichristian, uncivilized and illogical blither to be advertised on this site.

All the years of prechristian, pagan, and postchristian time, and all the lands outside Christendom, are available to spread this most recent form of fatalism, and the Unbrotherhood of Man. This meager blog needs lend no aid to it.

Antisemitic remarks will henceforth be edited or deleted without further warning, or the user banned, or both. In a civilized age, among civilized folk, such announcements and such bans would not be necessary.