Come Me Maties! Help Us Pirates Steal This Blog To Post Our Gratitude!

Jagi here!

Just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to all John’s patrons and those who have sent contributions—both large and small! Your help has made such a difference!

So in the last two years, while you guys have been helping us, we have:

1) First and foremost, not gone deeper into debt.

This is huge. We slid deeper into debt every year for years. We lived quite simply. We just didn’t have enough to cover our family expenses. In the last two years, thanks to contributions from you guys, we turned this around.

2) Paid off two credit cards.

Two cards are paid off! Thanks to you! One is closed. The other is being used only for monthly reoccurring debts and is being paid off every month. This is huge progress for us!
3) Reduced monthly bills!

With those paid off, we have turned our attention to cards with larger outstanding balances. These have been lowered enough that the monthly payment are now a bit lower, which is just wonderful! Still a long way to go, but its nice to see progress.

4) Paid various unexpected bills

Car repairs, medical bills, new glasses for those who need them, shoes that actually fit for the kids…good stuff.

5) Happy activities for the kids

The kids have some really nice activities this summer, and we were able to cover one of the collage classes our daughter will take next fall. (She paid for the other with money she made working. She also contributes by paying some family bills, bless her.)

Some of these activities were paid for by book money or by camperships, but some is due to your wonderful generosity!
Warmest thanks to you guys from the whole Wright household!


And hope you continue to enjoy our books and John’s Crusading!