Doctor of Common Sense and Zo

I came across a fellow Conservative who refers to logic as the crucial touchstone of thought even more than I do, and credits the Bible with enlightening him from the grinding darkness of Progressive thought.

He calls himself the Doctor of Common Sense. His conversion story is here:

While the gentleman is more earthy in his language and less intellectual in his approach than am I, by heaven, his heart is in the right place!

He is right about the hysteria and emotion of Leftwingers; he is right about their willful stupidity; he is right.

In his book WITNESS, Whittaker Chambers speaks of the reasons that conduce men to convert from the Leftwingery religion and open their eyes.

Whittaker Chambers speaks of Christianity bringing true comfort and wisdom to those darkened, sick and twisted souls who sought a meaning for their lives in socialist daydreams of Utopias.

The socialists embraced a deliberate delusion that their destructive mobs, their economically-illiterate legislation, their union violence, their bloody revolutions, their bloody purges, their deadly famines, their bloody mass-expropriations, their bloody re-education camps, their bloody  gulags, and their bloody extermination camps would somehow as if by unicorn rainbow fairy magic form a grand Jihad marching to a shining future noble and good to serve.

The socialists march, and do not hear the scream of the people trampled, arrested without warrant, robbed, tortured, slandered, killed. A hundred million people were murdered in the Twentieth Century by Socialism. It is the deepest and reddest bloodbath in history. No socialist heard the screams.

The only thing that can wake a man drunk and dreaming on the potent opium of Jihad is the precious blood of Christ, a stronger drink.

When the peace of Christ enters the heart, only then can the screams be heard, and the socialist wake, and see the blood on his hands.

The Doctor of Common Sense speaks likewise about poring over the Bible and seeing nothing to support the socialist ideal that those who do not work may coerce their support and substance from those who do.

Another black fellow, even funnier, just as conservative and just as unapologetically Christian is the famous Zo of Zo nation. I have been following his video blog ever since he posted this, before the election of Barack Obama:

Politics, martial arts, and light sabers. Nothing better.

If you wonder why the Alt-Right no longer holds charm for me, despite that we share a common enemy among Morlocks, you should find a clue in the speech of the Doctor of Common Sense or in the antics and wit of Alonzo Rachel.

The Alt-Rights, or, rather, the most vocal branch of them, says that the Negro possesses genetic inferiority of short time preferences, lower intelligence, and more aggressive behavior compared to the English Race.

There are, to be sure, Alt-Righters who remain silent in the face of their fellows, who do not denounce such absurd opinions. What the silent Alt-Right thinks on this matter, I do not know. The vocal Alt-Right is wedded to the idea of the genetic inequality of races.

And from this, the vocal Alt-Right somehow concludes that, in order to preserve Western Civilization, we must eliminate the from society the inferior races and their influence: Negros, Jews, Hispanics, Orientals, Italians, Irish, Germans, Catholics. (I am not sure why Catholics are on the list, since I did not compile the list, but we are apparently on it.)

To do this, the vocal Alt-Right vocally says we must abolish the Bible’s preaching on the brotherhood of man; abolish the free enterprise system for daring to treat all property rights as equal; rewrite the Declaration of Independence to eliminate references to equal rights; redefine the preamble of the US Constitution so as somehow to assert that the laws were originally meant only to protect the English posterity of English landowners present during the Revolution; efface the words from the base of the Statue of Liberty; throw Elian Gonzalez back into the sea; and then round up the Jews and ship them to Israel.

And the Catholics are not to be trusted either, since they hold fealty to a foreign Monarch in Vatican City, so their nationalist loyalties are suspect.

The Alt-Right wants to rewrite the Bible and create a new version of Christianity to create a version where racism and hatred are promoted in the name of Christ. (One Alt-Righter actually wrote me personally and asked me to spearhead this effort.)

They also want to reintroduce Jim Crow segregation laws and make miscegenation once again a crime.

The Alt-Right demands we likewise defend the Western traditions of Greek Philosophy, Roman Jurisprudence, and English Common Law, while at the same time eliminating all that the Greeks said about democracy, Romans about republicanism and cosmopolitanism, and what the Magna Carta and all English legal tradition afterwards said about the rights of the common man.

Now, before you claim that the Alt-Right is a broad tent covering many peoples, or a broad cable woven of many strands, not all of which affirm the racist cant, let me say that this once was the case, and now is not.

The conservatives, the fun lovers, the mischievous trolls, and the other wings of the movement who loved the defiant spirit of the Alt-Right but who did not buy into the racism are in the process of being purged from among them.

This is not the same Alt-Right movement as supported Donald Trump as short as six months ago. They are no longer on his side; they are no longer on yours.

The Alt-Right who are not racists might call themselves Alt-Right, but they are basically pro-American anti-Leftists, i.e. conservatives, who hate the name “conservative” because it was tainted by Never-Trumpers.

Now, to my eyes, this looks like I and mine are conservative, and the Never-Trumpers are cucks who do not know their allies from their enemies, their right hand from the left, but you are free to use a different term for them if you wish. I never thought the establishment GOP or quisling Republicans were conservative.

Milo still calls himself a conservative, and so does Trump. These two do not fit the stereotype of the spineless “cuck” that the racial branch of the Alt-Right absurdly claim is the only alternative to themselves.

I understand with the desire to pick a name not also in use by despicable people who have routinely betrayed the culture to the Left, but, by the same token, picking a name used by despicable people who reject the principles of liberty and equality in the name of saving the White race are likewise merely betraying the culture once again to the Left, just in a different way.

For the purposes of this column, I am using the word “Alt-Right” to refer to those who reject the idea of equality before the law as a laudable goal. If that does not include you, then I am not talking about you.

The only difference between Left and Alt-Right is that the Left are anti-White & anti-Jew racists and the Alt-Right are pro-White & anti-Jew racists.

If you are a member of the Alt-Right but do not uphold what has in the last six months become the main message of the Alt-Right, please be aware that your voice has been drowned out. I have not heard a peep from you.

If you call yourself Alt-Right, and nonetheless you believe all men are created legally equal, ergo only unjust laws place one race above another, and grant them legal rights and privileges denied to others on the basis of birth, not merit, then you call yourself by the wrong name.

Aside from the racism, what does the Alt-Right believe that a conservative of my stripe does not also believe?

What does the Alt-Right believe that a populist does not believe?

Or a nationalist, or any man of ordinary patriotism?

Without the racism, there is nothing to the Alt-Right. They have no economic theories or politic stances which differentiate them from one form or another of conservative or populist or libertarian or nationalist.

On the matter of not letting the nation be flooded to death by the Left bringing in barbarians, Mohammedans, rapists, criminals and ne’er-do-wells with no interest in becoming Americans and who form nothing but a drain on the economy, not only all sane conservatives, but all sane men of every party agree with this principle.

But when the Alt-Right or the New Left or any other group preaches that some races should be legally inferior to others, then they lose my sympathy and support.

For myself, I would rather break bread with an allegedly genetically inferior Son of Adam who understands and supports the Western Civilization and our tradition of Christianity, Philosophy, Law, Liberty and Equality, than with an Alt-Right who wants to destroy all those things allegedly in the name of preserving them.

The Alt-Right expresses bafflement and outrage that people liken them to their Leftwing enemies.

This reason is that they are alike. The Alt-Right supports typical Leftwing collectivism: the only difference is that the Alt-Right want a race-based collective rather than a class-and-race based collective.

And the Alt-Right routinely boast of using the same filthy and dishonest tactics of the SJWs. Now, it is certainly true that adopting the tactics of the Blitzkrieg when fighting Nazis does not make your side into Nazis; but it is also true that adopting the Nazi ‘Final Solution’ does.

The SJWs seek to destroy the West in the name of anti-Male sexism and anti-White racism. They believe in group rights, not individual merit. They cannot win, nor even attract public attention, without hiding their true purpose behind rhetorical goobledegook about equality. They believe that history is on their side, and that science makes their triumph inevitable.

Meanwhile, the Alt-Right seeks to destroy the West in the name of pro-White racism. They believe in group rights, not individual merit. They cannot win, nor even attract public attention, without hiding their true purpose behind rhetorical goobledegook about liberty and white genocide. They believe that history is on their side, and that science makes their triumph inevitable.

So I am on the Catholic side. We are by definition catholic, that is, supranational and cosmopolitan. Only pagan religions confine themselves to one race. We are universal.

The enemy of the Catholic side is the Leftist side. The Socialists and Progressives have always known who their main foe was. The Devil has always known the Virgin will trample him and crush his head.

It is not the Blacks who cause the race riots in America, but the Left, stirring up the Blacks. It is not Barack Obama who invented the Saul Alinsky tactics, it is Saul Alinsky, a Russian. The short time preferences, lower intelligence, and more aggressive behavior compared to the English Race were not present in Alinsky’s DNA, were they?

The Left would never win another election again, were it not for the news media.

American Colleges would be reformed or burned to the ground if the American public knew even half the truths about them the news never reports.

The Global War on Islamic Terror would have been fought seriously, relentlessly, and concluded successfully long ago, had not the media been operating relentlessly to shield and support Islam.

The War on Poverty, otherwise known as Vote Reaping, would likewise have been long ago concluded had there been no Leftwing agitprop machinery called the news to lay down cover for it.

The Blacks are not your enemy, Alt-Right. The News is your enemy.

When the Alt-Right turned its rhetorical guns against Milo Yiannopoulos, they lost my support. Any group that will not welcome Alonzo Rachel and the Doctor of Common Sense with open arms I cannot welcome.