Lost on the Last Continent, Episode 05, Huntsmen of Pangaea

Lost on the Last Continent, Episode 05, Huntsmen of Pangaea, is now posted on Patreon.

Episode 05 Huntsmen of Pangaea

In this exciting episode, Colonel Lost uses his particular skills to flee the hunters following. The chase lasts day and night. He is not alone. 

Our Story So Far:

Episode 01 The Hole in the Air

In which Colonel Preston Lost chases an unidentified flying object through an impossible, multi-dimensional midair maelstrom hidden in a thunderstorm over the Bermuda Triangle. His rocketplane emerges into strange sky above a hellish volcanoscape, strikes a pteranodon, and spins out of control.

Episode 02 The Unearthly Earth

In which Colonel Lost is trapped aboard a sinking rocketplane, surrounding by a volcanic lake of boiling water, and menaced by dinosaurs both swimming and flying, poisonous centipedes, drowning, boiling, and being found.

Episode 03 The Little Gray Men

In which Colonel Lost, attacked by savage pteranodons, is down to his last bullet, when the flying disk he chased to this eerie land descends to assault him.

Episode 04 Battle at Boiling Lake

In which the flying saucer crew open fire on Colonel Lost, whose only path to escape is through venomous insect, savage simian, irate ichthyosaur, and forest fire.