Last Crusade 30: Right, Alt-Right, Eternal Right

Suppose you are not a Leftist, not a Socialist, not a Communist, and not a Social Justice Warrior or a sniveling cave-dwelling cannibal subhuman ghoul of A.D. 802701 called a Morlock. What are you?

You may or may not be Right. You may or may not be Alt-Right. But what is the alternative to Alt-Right and Right?

Do not be gulled into thinking you must be one or the other.

The alternative to the Alt-Right is not the weak and foolish thing the Right has recently become. It is the old Right, the silent majority of men of common sense and common decency.

The alternative is the Right as it once was and should be again: the Eternal Right.

Be not deceived. The Devil ever sends errors to the world in pairs so that the unwary, fleeing one, falls rapidly into the arms of the opposite. In the ancient world, the Nestorianism claimed that all who were not of their camp were heretical Monophysites; Monophysites likewise claimed all not of their camp were heretical Nestorians.

In fact, both were heresies, and both were condemned by the orthodox teaching.

Likewise, during the Enlightenment, the Right in Europe represented the Ancient Regime of throne and altar, crown and miter, while the Left represented bloodthirsty utopian visions of socialist totalitarian secularism.

In fact, both were antithetical to any form of a constitutional, federal, and limited republic such as was newly minted in the American colonies.

Likewise, in the Twentieth Century, the Right in Europe represent the nationalistic socialist worker’s parties of Hitler or Mussolini, and the Left represented the international socialist movements of Stalin and Mao. The fascists said they were the only alternative to communism. In fact, they were twin brothers.

In fact, both were antithetical to the brave, free men flourishing in the liberties of a limited and constitutional federation that, first, destroyed the fascists quickly, second besieged and destroyed the communists slowly, and third, outperformed, humiliated, and are currently in the process of destroying Cultural Marxism and softcore European socialism at home and abroad.

Likewise here also: the Alt-Right repeatedly and loudly says that the Right is nothing but Cucks and “civic nationalists”, nothing but the Never-Trump establishment republicans, or libertarians promoting open borders, or free-traders perfectly willing to let gay men marry each other, or transvestites use the girl’s locker room at school.

The Alt-Right says it is the only option now that the Right has failed, the only hope now that Globalism is on the rise, and the only manly way to fight, now that civility and honesty has failed.

In fact, there is a clear alternative. The vast majority of the conservatives, the ones who are not Cuck Right and not Alt Right but Eternal Right.

No doubt the reader is puzzled with the paragraphs above, unable to conceive what they might mean. This is because the terms ‘Right’ and ‘Alt-Right’ are rarely defined, and ‘Eternal Right’ is a term I just now coined.

The Eternal Right is represented by the Last Crusade. The Last Crusade are all who hold faith with in the majesty of truth; the impartiality of reason; the objectivity of reality; the authority of virtue; the verity of beauty; the dignity of man; the equality of the law; the love of patriots; and we hold faith with Christ.

We are Eternal because our principles originate not in nostalgia for any idyllic past nor in false hope for a utopian future. Our principles are like the principles of mathematics. Our ideals are like the ideas in the Mind of the Almighty. They are present in all ages, but they do not age.

We are called conservative due to a historical error too difficult to correct. The name is inaccurate, but attempts to find a clearer word are ignored.

The word was in fact pinned on us by our enemies, who made and make the bogus argument that totalitarian socialist secularism is the fated utopian future looming before us, and therefore the only possible source of opposition to the inevitable glory of that superhuman future is a fearful, ignorant, or wicked nostalgia attaching one’s stubbornness to the past. The Left seek to radically reform the evils of the world; their opponents seeks to conserve, preserve and prolong the evils of the world. So the word conservative was coined.

Like the Cross of Christ, originally an implement of torture, now a sign of glory, so too has the word capitalism, originally meant as a slander and a slur, now gathered it proper connotation and become a word of pride, and so too has the word conservative.

Alas, the unwary still are deceived by the original misleading implication of the word, and the unethical still deceive them.

Wags of clever words but of sadly limited historical knowledge like to quip that conservatism has never conserved anything.

This is because they do not seem to be aware that political conservatism in the West is rooted in the ideal of the republic of Rome and the democracy of Athens, which has preserved the only things worth preserving from the pagan world, but broke the polygamy, slavery, mysticism, superstition and pederasty which marred and grieved those great civilizations.

This is because they do not seem to be aware that the economic conservatism, otherwise known as free enterprise, was first explicated in English by Adam Smith, but that his work was rooted in the scholastic theories and practices reaching back to the monasteries of the Dark Ages.

Finally, this is because the thing called social conservatism is rooted in Christianity, which goes back two thousand years. Or, if you include the Jewish legacy of which Christ was the fruit, the lineage goes back to the day of Creation.

Conservatism in politics supports democracy over mob-rule, constitutional monarchy over tyranny, and republicanism over oligarchy. In all forms of government, it favors lawful limits. It is the right of man to bear arms, speak his mind, publish and read as he would, and have his vote counted.

Conservatism specifically in American politics supports the ideals of the Declaration of Independence, and the practices of the US Constitution.

Conservatism in economics is the free market and the right of man to own property.

Conservatism in social matters is Christianity, and any part of Jewish lore, learning or practice compatible with Christianity. It is the right of a man to worship God by what rite he sees fit, without interference from the magistrate.

Conservatism is not the Republic Party in America. Indeed, it is often opposed to that party, and the opposition became absolute as of this last election.

The Right as it stands in the modern day is hardly conservative at all. It is a mix of pragmatists who seek to sell all their ideals in return for a promise of cooperation from the Left (a promise that is broken as regularly and predictably as Lucy from Peanuts yanks the football from under Charlie Brown’s toe) together with libertarian-leaning folk who care nothing about social conservatism, and social conservatives who care nothing about free market economics, and generally a group of sad figures browbeaten by the Fake News, over decades, into impotence.

Cucks or Cuck-Right is not a bad word for them. They are men who sold their birthright for a mess of pottage, and sold their children’s future for a multi-trillion dollar debt.

Leftism, also called Morlockery, is represented by the Democrats in America, by the elitist establishment in Europe, and by the various forms of socialism, communism, and thuggery elsewhere around the world.

They are all who say truth is relative; reason is partial; reality is a personal; being judgmental is wrong; beauty is in the eye of the beholder; beasts are owed dignity and man is not. In the name of collectivism, they uphold socialism in economics, totalitarianism in politics, and secularism in all things.

The Cuck-Right, for reasons which do not bear close examination, long ago ceased to offer any but token opposition to the Morlocks, but instead directed their fire against the Eternal Right, that is, against the Conservatives, the Federalists, the Free Traders, and the Christians.

The Alt-Right includes several groups.

First is the Dispossessed, also called the Alt-Light. These are any conservative ashamed to use that name after the various shenanigans of what were once well regarded spokesmen for conservatism culminated during the last election in open treason against conservative principles.

When National Review declared itself against Trump, it was the last in a long line of disappointments and betrayals by the Establishment Republicans of their conservative base. The offended Dispossessed conservatives eschewed the name, called down a curse on the quislings and elected Trump to destroy as if with fire from heaven the diseased husk of the Republican Party.

To which I say Amen. If no figure akin to Rockefeller Republicans or John McCain materializes ever again in my lifetime, the happy absence cannot soon enough be enjoyed.

The Dispossessed want a wall along the Southern border, enforcement of our immigration laws, the energetic prosecution of the war aims (starting with an admission that the war is on, and naming who the enemy is), and an end to the endemic corruption in Washington.

Ironically, the Dispossessed do not differ from the opinions found in one wing or the other of conservative or populist or libertarian platforms. Theirs is a change of name only, not of substance. These are all core and mainstream conservative positions, desperately opposed by the Left, and any GOP creature who departs from them likewise departs from the name conservative.

Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh are and have been supporters of Trump and foes of the Establishment GOP. They are as dispossessed as any Alt-Light, but rather than abandon the name conservative, Coulter and Limbaugh merely point out the obvious truth: the National Review is no longer conservative and no longer speaks for us. They wanted Hillary instead of Trump, and acted for her behalf.

The Nevertrumpers are the alternative. We are the mainstream. We do ourselves no favors by calling ourselves ‘Alternate’ anything.

Second is the Defender of the West, also called the Alt-West. He sees the barbarians at the gate and the dissolute and corrupted political establishment throwing the gate open, and inviting in destruction of all the traditions, laws, principles, and peoples of the West.

Third is the Deplorable, also called the Alt-White. He is a racist either of the mild or virulent type.

The mild type wish for the West to be preserved, but only the White members of the West. No one whose remote ancestors do not come from Wessex in England is considered legitimately Western. Eastern Europeans, Jews, or anyone descended from the Cornish, Welsh, Irish, Scots, Italians, Portuguese or Spanish are racially and genetically incapable of living civilized existences in a constitutional republic such as we have in America. He does not hate the other races, he merely wishes them to go away and stop ruining the country.

Why he blames the colored peoples who are the victims and catspaws of the Left rather than blame the ideas of the Left, that is, Leftism, no one can fathom.

The milds are the guncontrol advocate of the Alt Verse: instead of blaming the Leftists who use immigration as a weapon or who use race riots as a weapon, the milds blame the immigrants and races. They think banning the gun but leaving the Left in charge will stop the Leftist program of dismantling the country.

The virulent type wish for all races to be separated, each into his own homeland, and wishes for the return of Jim Crow laws and the enforcement of miscegenation laws. They are enamored of various forms of Junk Science, they regard IQ test scores as the sole useful measure of determining one’s ability to obey the law and serve the public good in a republic, and they regard one’s political loyalties as being entirely determined by race, race, and race with a side order of race.

The virulent type are, in fact, Democrats in all but name. They are Dems in Sheep’s Clothing.

Now that Trump is elected, and the Nevertrumpers have nevertrumped themselves into irrelevance, the Dispossessed are no longer dispossessed.

The conservatives both those who support Trump and those who originally opposed him have always upheld the defense of the West. With Hillary no longer a threat, the quislings among the establishment Republicans form no threat to the West. There is no Alt-West because defending the West is the priority of the majority. The separate terminology is no longer needed.

The mainstream Right is now Trump. The Alt-Right who are not racists are no longer Alt. They are mainstream.

More to the point, the glamor of gamergate which once mantled and crowned the Alt-Right has faded after the election, at least as far as my eyes can reach. The cheerful happy warrior approach of playing poke-the-monkey to the sour-faced stuffed shirts of the self-important Lefty establishment has dimmed, and been replaced with a sour-faced ideological purity testing partisan group no longer interested in gathering political allies.

So it is not the Alt-Light nor the Alt-West who have taken the helm of the movement. It is the Alt-White.

If the non-racist Alt-Right are around, I never hear from them and never hear about them.

But even supposing there were any such, there is no need for the label. The non-racist wings of the Alt-Right are not Alt-Right. They believe as I and mine believe. They are Eternal Right. They are conservative, or else libertarian, or populist.

To prove my point I invite any member of the Alt-Right to identify what plank of the Alt-Right platform he believes that a majority of conservatives does not believe, or libertarian, or populist?

Because most conservatives are not represented by Nevertrumpers, nor by National Review, nor by Senator John McCain, nor by the corrupt GOP insiders and professional politicians.

The majority of conservatives are not interest in politics at all, because, as conservatives should, we regard political matters as secondary to religious, moral and economic matters, where we would place partly or wholly beyond the orbit of political control. The Alt-Right seem to think Trump’s victory heralds a new era of Alt-Right thinking, and that their star is rising. The victory of Trump is actually the nail driven into their coffin lid.

Trump was voted into office by a record turn-out of the very people the pollsters never asked about their voting plans. That was why the Fake News was so surprised.

This included the working class whites who previously voted Democrat, but saw Obama’s America as being transformed into the economic crapper. This included Blacks and Hispanics who never voted for a Republican ever before.

This included homosexuals who asked themselves the burning question: “Why does being Gay mean I should vote for someone who (1) blames the NRA rather than Islam when Islamic gunmen shoot gays? (2) and wants to take seven tenths of everything I earn in taxes?  (3) and who wants ruin my career or my life if ever I cross an unseen and ever moving line called political correctness? (4) and who wants to protect and promote the Religion of Peace who want to throw me and everyone like me off a roof?”

This included women who like masculine “alpha-male” type men with leadership ability, and rather disliked a screech-owl-voiced harpy who spent her life spreading lies, taking graft, breaking laws, and destroying the reputations of women her husband seduced or forced.

This included immigrants who came here legally, followed the law, and want a wall built. They do not want the country they fled coming here.

The included Jews, but far too few, who finally figured out that the Democrat party hates them, hates Israel, loves terrorists, and celebrates Negro anti-Semites.

That included everyone I have seen Alt-Righters over and over and over again denounce and revile.

All of these newfound Trump voters, whether they know it or not, are fundamentally in agreement with the conservative principles, and hence with the avowed goals of the Alt-Light and the Alt-West.

Most or all see the danger from radical Islam, and the disasters of socialized medicine, overregulation, feckless war policy, and open borders.

The name conservative has indeed been besmirched by National Review. But it has since been redeemed.

Milo Yiannopoulos does not call himself Alt-Right. His new book DANGEROUS devotes an entire chapter to making that clear. As a Catholic, a sodomite fascinated with Negro sodomy partners, and as one born a Jew, he has been denounced by various loud Alt-Right voices, reviled, and scorned: and yet he is one of the best and brightest rapiers in the arsenal of the West turned against the evils of the Social Justice Warriors, the Morlocks, and the Left. He calls himself a conservative.

Trump does not call himself Alt-Right, and he welcomes minorities to join him in the upholding of Western civilization. His recent speech in Poland made that entirely clear.

He speaks of Americans by these words: “We are one people, with one destiny. We all bleed the same blood. We all salute the same flag. And we are all made by the same God.”

The Left always has preached the opposite. They preach division and mutual recrimination. They burn the flag and trample the cross.

The Left gain power by setting women, blacks, gays, and immigrants against the White Male. The Alt-Right, to the degree that a disorganized group with no official platform can be said to have an agenda, seeks to fight the Left by copying their tactics and to preach division and mutual recrimination.

Conservatives seek a return of equal laws equally enforced, an end to affirmative action, and an end to that hideous Boojam called the Hyphenated-American. They seek an end to all the unequal laws granting special privileges to the mascot groups and dependents of the Democrats.

The Alt-Right wishes likewise for unequal laws. The want the rights of White protected and those of Blacks trampled. Jews are to be sent overseas to Israel.

The Alt-Right differ from the Left only in having a different target for their race-hatred. The Left hates Whites. The Alt-Right hates Jews.

If you support Trump, support the idea of laws restricting the government, of enforcement of the borders, of a strong military, and of a temporary ban on immigration, or, better yet, a permanent one, how do you differ from other Trump supporters? If you do not differ, you are not an alternative.

You may have been an alternative at one time. Now you are mainstream.

Of the branches of the so called Alt-Right, only the Alt-White upholds a truly alternative view of things. Everyone else, like it or not, is a conservative.

Only the Alt-White reject not just the name of conservatism, but its principles as well.

They reject the words on the base of the statue of liberty.

They reject the words of Christ calling all men brothers.

They reject the words of the Declaration of Independence and the preamble of the Constitution by pretending that the Founding Fathers meant to establish a Whites-only and Protestant-only Republic, as if the Founding Fathers gave a flying flip about Twentieth Century Darwinian race-theories, and yet somehow could only express their true desires not in the Federalist Papers, nor in the letters of Jefferson and Adams, but only a secret code which only this year some clever philologist of the Alt-White managed to decipher.

Lo, and behold: like a cunning Leftist judge finding new and secret-decoder-ring messages in emanations of a penumbra of newly invented rights uncovered lurking in the US Constitution,  the Alt-Right now announces that they alone know the true meaning of the American Republic.

And, yes, according to Alt-White logic, it turns out the Left were correct all along: the Founding Father were racist slavers and women-haters who meant only the Englishmen living here to be Americans. The Pennsylvania Dutch and the Catholics in Maryland, even those who aided, bled, and sacrificed for the Revolution, were foes and inferiors meant to be excluded.

Or so the Alt-White says the Founders truly meant to say, but never found the words.

That is the alternative view.

If you are rightwinger who wants Trump to drain the swamp, build a wall, and impose the Muslim travel ban, than you are not alternative to anything. You are in agreement with what the leader of the party has on his agenda.

Only the Alt-White have the right to call themselves Alt-Right. And, as best as I can tell, they are the ones loud and long saying all these things.

This is why the Alt-Right betrays nationalism. Our nation is the United States. It was founded on the proposition that all men are created equal. They deny that notion. They deny the United States.

They claim that the one thing the United States has done with astonishing, remarkable and miraculous success, namely, to allow men whose ancestors came from different tongues, races, faiths and regions to live together in peace, does not happen, cannot happen, and never happened.

Two hundred years and more of evidence they wish away.

This is beyond mere historical blindness.

They simply deny that Catholics and Protestants, so eager to bomb and machine-gun each other into splatters in Ireland, or burn each other at the stake in times past, cannot did not and never will learn to live together here in America. They are of differing races, you see.

The races cannot cooperate. Jews like Albert Einstein never made a scientific advance that benefitted the United States, nor did any comedian of Jewish descent every write a song or tell a joke to amuse any White Man in the United States. Their race makes it impossible.

That is not an alternative to the Right. That is merely Leftwing race-baiting now trying pathetically to bait the Whites. It is the same nonsense wearing a different coat of paint. It is the other prong of the same anti-American and anti-Christian anti-rational thinking that the Social Justice Warriors are trying to stuff up your nose.

Alt-Righters pretend that the only way to escape the identity politics of the Left is to embrace the identity politics of the Alt-Right. The only way to avoid the anti-White bigotry of the Progs is to adopt the Anti-Black bigotry of the Democrats.

They ignore the obvious other option.

The obvious other option to bigotry and to identity politics is to judge each man by the content of his character, not by the color of his skin.

The obvious other option is to preserve the West, to uphold decency, to glorify Christ, and to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The obvious other option is the Eternal option. The obvious other option is adherence to the principles that do not fade or change with time, and which are true for all men and everywhere.

The obvious other option is what I have called the Last Crusade. This crusade will not end until the end of time: but it is the only worthy fight to be in.

Conservatism not conserved anything?

To the contrary: nothing in the world has ever been conserved except by men who upheld the eternal principles of liberty, the eternal prudence of the free market, and the eternal moral truths as taught by the Christian Church.

It is odd to be dismissed as impotent by a tiny and ineffective fringe group right at the moment when we conservatives, once again, are about to achieve a final victory.

Keep your eye on the Fake News. The Empire of Lies is dying.

Keep your eye on Planned Parenthood. Abortion will end in your lifetime.

Conservatives: the giant has slept too long. Wake. The Last Crusade is calling.

Let us outfight and outlast the Cultural Marxists using the same patience and principles we used on the Stalinist Marxists. Let us out-think the thought police and outfight the Cultural Fascists just as we did the Hitlerian Fascists. Let us defeat the Dems in this generation as we did during the Civil Rights years and the Civil War years. Let us rebel against the elitists in Academia, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood just as we rebelled against the British Crown.