Last Crusade 35: Three Centers of Power

To the defeat the enemy, one must first know the enemy, and come to grips with the enemy.

In the present case, the current phase of the eternal war between heaven and hell is a culture war gripping the West. The great civilizations of the East have adopted one or the other banners from Western thought or Western heresy: China is Marxist rather than Confucian; India follows British forms of law; Japan and South Korea adopt democratic, free-market policies. Hence, the outcome for the East depends on the West.

In the West, Europe has abandoned God, and committed slow suicide. Russia has abandoned Godlessness, and shows signs of a return to their old strength.

The Jews, as is their sad habit since biblical times, have also abandoned God, and now whore after other gods, the secular gods of political correctness, anti-life nonsense and moral filth.

As ever, God preserves a remnant of orthodox and practicing Jews, a tithe from whom the next generation will be built.

In all this, no hope of triumph over the darkness remains, save perhaps here in America. If we prevail here, Europe and Israel may be saved yet. If not, the Leftists will feed them feet first into the wood chipper of the Jihad.

In America, the riots, bombings, assassinations, and mass shootings by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Jihadists, and other terror groups employed by the Left, currently are an adjunct to the culture war, meant to produce turmoil, discontent, and, above all, fear.

In effect, at the present moment, the Leftist terrorism is meant to produce psychological rather than military victory: to reduce the will of Civilization to resist, since overcoming our strength by direct mean is, in this generation, is impossible for them.

In America, the political system is on its deathbed, but it has not yet died.

A transfusion in the form of Donald Trump, a man who is half mountebank and half leftwing himself, comes as a surprise so miraculous that the enemy has been driven into a mad frenzy by the shock, and they gnaw their shield rims, frothing at the mouth and raving.

Nonetheless, the treason of the Democrat establishment, in terms of fixing the nomination votes against Bernie Sanders, and the treason of the GOP establishment, in terms of hindering and delaying the repeal of Obamacare, and dithering on tax reform, should be as great a shock to all men of good will of any party.

Those who doubted that a core of one-party, one-world-government, one-Caesar globalists have been running the leadership of both parties via a permanent donor class of the super-rich should now eat crow, admit their former blindness, and gird up their loins.

(I include myself in that crow-eating. I voted for John McCain out of party loyalty when he ran for President, and I was repayed for my loyalty by his treason, when he rose from his sickbed to vote down repealing Obamacare.)

Your political leaders whom you trusted were working for the enemy. They wanted your votes, but did not want to do the things needed to win your votes honestly, that is, adopt policies and laws favorable to your interests.

What they did instead was to alarm you that truly horrible, hideous people threatening slavery and instant death, men of greed craving to trample your rights, were menacing you with imminent menace: and only your vote thrown to the candidate we select for you can save you from the boogieman.

What they did instead was divide the nation, and set brother against brother, white against black, men against women, rich against poor, and all against Christ.

Even the Civil War, an issue as entirely dead as the wars between Norman and Saxon, was prodded from its grave long enough to set Union against Confederate once again, except, this time, the role of the Union is being played by real fascists from Antifa, and the role of the Confederates is being played by pretend fascist cosplayers in Nazi uniforms.

Trump is the one source of victory in the battles this season, and one after another and another has been granted him by heaven. Why such an unlikely leader was selected for this role, I leave to wiser heads and deeper hearts to speculate. All I know is, and speaking only for myself, is that I love the man. He alone of all politicians who ever promised anything I supported, also seems to know where the enemy power rests, where its strongholds are hidden, and at those he strikes without mercy, but with the grin of a happy warrior.

He alone, practically without aid, has unmasked the true depravity and dishonesty of the news. The term Fake News arose to prominence on his lips, and the days when mine was the only voice I ever heard denouncing the news as the enemy have passed: now mine is merely one voice in a choir.

Yet Trump is mortal, and will fail, or he will be assassinated by Leftists as they grow more violent and more desperate. Trump is not the messianic savior for the Right any more than Obama was the messianic savior for the Left. Neither man is significant in and of himself. Both or merely symbols and figureheads of great cultural shifts currently underway.

Obama was a living symbol of the sickness of Political Correctness, the anti-American race-baiting globalism and arrogance of the Christ-hating perverts, dunderheaded intellectuals, and secular Satanists who dominate our cultural elite.

Trump is a living symbol of all the hardworking Americans sick and tired of Political Correctness, sick and tired of Alice-in-Wonderland thinking, tired of Fake News that lionizes villains and vilifies heroes, sick of the moral sickness of same-sex marriage, sick of the psychological sickness of men who castrate themselves and demand we call them women, weary of lost jobs, lost opportunities, and lost liberties.

Left and Right are outdated as labels for anything in current politics, or, rather the meaning of the dividing line has changed. Whatever it once stood for, the Left now stands for the Elite, rule by an international plutocracy and unelected bureaucracy. The Right stands for Populism, a combination of nationalism and protectionism.

The Left still yearns for radical change, and violent revolution, and still has erotic daydreams about race riots, burning cities, and the guillotine, but no longer cares for the workingman’s utopia that socialism once promised.

The Right still regards society as an organism which can only change through healthy growth in keeping with its roots, and not as a machine, to be fixed by social engineering, or improved by treating people as cogs.

The Lefts sees man as cog, or a dumb animal who needs a trainer, locked in an endless Darwinian struggle of rich against poor, white against black, male against female, oppressor against victim. A baby is just a clump of cells, and can be killed when convenient. A man is just his skin color, and his skin color is his uniform, and defines his government-granted privileges & rights and sets the proper range of his allowed opinions.

The Right sees man as made in the image and likeness of God, possessed of natural, inalienable rights, and all men as brothers.

Even from the very first, Newspeak, Political Correctness, and the art of praising falsehoods as virtuous was an essential part of Leftist doctrine. The practice began when Marx coined the term ‘Capitalism’ to refer to the behavior of free men in the free market, claiming the only thing that ever freed men from economic systems of oppression was an economic system of oppression; or coined the term ‘Wage Slave’ to refer to the only method of employing labor that is not slavery, but is the direct opposite of slavery.

This practice of calling everything by its exact opposite in an Alice-in-Wonderland looking glass fashion cannot flourish unless three things are done.

First, the public dialog in the press and the mass media must be corrupted until the majority of people grow accustomed to words having no meaning, but instead carry nothing but a sense of hot emotion, fear or contempt or hate. Instead of reasoned debate between grown men of sober experience, we must hear nothing but the shrieking of hysterical schoolgirls.

The core of the agora is the courtesy and mutual respect which free men of equal rank hold for each other. Courtesy is drowned in clownishness or screams of hate.

Respect is buried beneath accusations of oppression and victimization.

Equality is dismissed by the very simple prospect of pretending that life is unfair because not all men are equal in luck or good fortune, equal in height or income or intellectual gifts, therefore it means nothing to have equality in the eyes of the law (which is the only kind of equality law promises or can grant). This approach is so stupid, and so easily rebutted, that it is a source of continual astonishment to me that anyone is deceived by it.

Second, liberal education, that is, the education in the process of reasoning and the experience of all the foundational thought, philosophy and literature, must be done away with.

The core of education is love of wisdom, or philosophy. Modernism must murder philosophy for Leftism to flourish.

Third, the moral core of civilization must be rotted from within, a soft corruption to sap the strength which starts from the bole and moves to the branches and twigs. The core of civilization is the family and the core of the family is the role of mother and wife. The core of civilization is erotic love. The core is romance.

Politics, as has been famously said, is downstream of culture. The three strongholds controlling culture are these: the press, which controls the debates and topics present in the public agora; the academy, which controls the education of the young; and the family, which is influenced by the arts.

The center of power of the Left is not the political sphere. When they lose elections, they only lose a finger. This does not cut off the head. The Democrat Party is a servant of the Leftists in the Press, not the masters.

The center of power is three areas: the press, the academy, and the arts.

The relation between art and romance requires a moment of explanation: The strong inclinations of love and romance tend to bind couples into union, and the truth of religion to bind such unions to permanence, and make them sacred. The most effective way, perhaps the only way, to rot this ancient and beloved institution is not through the corruption of law, but through the corruption of tastes.

Corruption of tastes is done not through the press nor through the schools, which touches the mind, but through the public circus, through popular entertainments, songs, stories, and shows, which touch the heart.

If every television show, movie, and comic book portrays fathers as fatuous and fatheaded, figures of comedy rather than breadwinners, and if sexual pleasure out of wedlock is portrayed as the sole admirable outlet of pent up romantic passions, then motherhood can be portrayed as undesirable, and the strongest urges in the female breast can be deflected into sterile and self-destructive channels.

Once women are convinced to adopt self-destructive habits, harlotry, temporary sterility, casual degradation into sex objects, and to chase after men rather than lure them in, the appeal of marriage is destroyed. Even the mention of marriage falls by the wayside (except for gay marriage, of course).

Once a pregnant girl is convinced to kill a child in the womb, or even voice applause for such a satanic act, the deep and selfless love between mother and child for which women throughout all time are justly celebrated and famed, is corrupted, perverted, and begins to die. She is told to put her own convenience before the life of her child.

Selfishness and motherhood are mutually exclusive.

Again, once a woman is convinced that the pleasure of the sex act, not the deeper meaning of a unity of soul and flesh between man and mate, is the sole meaning, no act of sterile perversion, not even the abomination of sodomy or pederasty, can be seen as forbidden. Sterile sex is selfish and meant to be selfish, because the possibility of new life is closed off.

Selfishness and motherhood are mutually exclusive.

The women are told to seek love and romance in the one place it can never be found, namely, in casual hook ups and filthy harlotry, or, in other words, in selfishness.

Selfishness does not satisfy the self. Woman seeking satisfaction in loveless love find nothing but heartbreak and frustration. Nine out of ten divorces in the modern day are sought by the wife, who regard the husband not as lord and master, but as paycheck.

The arts, almost by their very nature, emphasize the surface features of romance, the beauty of women and the bravery of men, and rarely praise the long-term and sacramental nature of erotic love. Dante is rare among poets, in that he depicts a Platonic-style hierarchy of love leading from romantic love to the divine love.

Now, be not deceived on this point. Of late, the arts, even such humble and popular works as comic books, are fully devoted to propaganda directed against motherhood and marriage. Every depiction of a female shows her in a masculine role, and every man is in a girlish role, usually as a figure of low comedy. Perversion is depicted as wholesome and hale. Family life is routinely portrayed as a source of turmoil and oppression.

But what is to be noted here is that these institutions, where the Left rejoice in their main strength, and from whose commanding heights they have wrought so much wickedness and chaos, are nontheless helplessly vulnerable to sustained, longterm, public pressure.

Longterm means longterm. The thing is not to be done overnight, as no empire falls overnight, and to be sure the Left will resort to violence when they sense power slipping from their talons, and so there will be bloodshed before the empire of lies is overthrown.

Despite this, the press cannot endure without patrons buying their wares. The entertainment industry is an industry which requires your voluntary patronage and support to continue to spread their venom and propaganda. Schools and colleges do not receive sufficient public funding to exist without the voluntary donations of alumni and victims foolishly entrusting their children to them.

The Left was not born ruling these institutions. They very slowly, one hire at a time, one riot or student rebellion or Hollywood communist at a time, inched their way into positions of influence. They think in the long term because theirs is a mystical vision of utopia on Earth, and themselves as gods, defining good and evil to serve their whim.

If we oppose them merely on political grounds, that is to say, on practical grounds of what is minimally needed to preserve peace and order, we will fail. Politics is practical, the art of the possible, and thinks in the short term.

We must oppose them as crusade, and draw the sword against the sons of their father the Devil.  Not in a year, not in a generation, not in a century, is the battle to be concluded. When this battle is concluded, the war will continue, and other battles in other realms be fought.

But we can start by opposition to these three strongholds which command the battlefields of the culture war. We can starve and mock their Fake News; boycott, protest and harass their vile arts; and stop sending impressionable children to the lobotomy centers called College.

They are parasites on us, and cannot survive without our good will. We do not need them, not in any respect.

Stop supporting your destroyers.