John C Wright is Dangerous

Less than a week ago, I posted this notice:

Milo Yiannopoulos asked me to contribute a biweekly column to his website. My pay depends on the ad revenue, so I will humbly ask, indeed, implore my beloved readers to visit the column and the site, and to hire a Macedonian data farm to visit the column an excessive number of times per day to drive up click through number.

The Milo company describes itself as “dedicated to leading the battle for the soul of western civilization by harnessing Milo’s unique blend of laughter and war.”

I am happy to join in the effort of laughter and war. My first column is about my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, for which I give thanks.

If you click through the link, the opening paragraphs read thus:

Thanksgiving, it turns out, gets less attention each year. It is being shouldered aside. The Pilgrims in their brass-buckle hats and broadcloth coats, womenfolk in bonnets, and friendly Indians appear in fewer places each year, and pumpkin pies grow smaller.

There are several causes for this: economic, demographic, political, philosophical, and spiritual.

The economic cause is the most obvious: the day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day on the calendar. For many a store, the Christmas shopping feeding frenzy is their sole hope of turning a yearly profit, and so it behooves them to start the Happy Holiday hoopla earlier each year. Thanksgiving is simply in the way.

The demographic reason is related.

Not many people spend big bucks on turkeys and festive preparations for large family feasts during Thanksgiving and Christmas as they did in the days of Norman Rockwell paintings, simply because not many people have large families.

Since the time of the sexual revolution, few women show enthusiasm for mothering a large family. No one is going to make a big deal about a holiday celebrated by one lonely middle-aged divorcee with no children eating a can of cold turkey-meat chili above the sink in the kitchenette of her silent, dark apartment.

Thanksgiving and Christmas, to her, are simply sad.

The political reason is related to the demographic.

Family life is the basic core of human existence. It shapes our psychology and personality, gives zest to life, goals to work, rewards unselfishness, and reproduces the species.  It is the foundation stone of civilization.

It continues in like vein, describing the philosophic and even spiritual reasons why moderns, godless, petty, and obsessed with secularism and selfcenteredness, avoid the gratitude and hence the happiness celebrated by the holiday.


…. the first comment on my article on Milo’s website reads as follows:

• God is dead. There is no hope from heaven.
• God is dead. Nothing outranks human law, human willpower.
• God is dead. Caesar is god.

“And All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again.” Mommy, somebody broke my civilization.

Been a while since I’ve read such hysteria.

Let’s see… What do we have here…

On stage? The same central-casting characters of evil villains. You’ve got them all don’t you. Homosexuals, Atheists, Anarchists, Communists. This is how your mind functions. If there aren’t a few homosexuals to hang, atheists to exorcise or anarchists to imprison, you just can’t have a good day.

Unable to see his own sickness, the narcissist wanders through life, extolling the righteousness of— his wife, his children, his God, his aesthetic, his politics, his literature, his natural science. It’s so unfair that everybody isn’t compelled to follow ME.

Exquisite specimen your are. You have the mind of a militant catholic & the disposition of a fascist. Now go home & put away your toy soldiers, you’ve got a busy day tomorrow — castles to build, men to lead & kingdoms to conquer.

If I get called a fascist on my first day of working with Milo, then I say God bless him, for all his sins. I have a feather in my cap.