Wicked Wolves, Falling Skies, and Unseen Witches

Rarely do I have the pleasure of posting a link to someone more intelligent than I. Jordan Peterson has a mind of rare precision and stunning insight. All the lauds and applauds I have heard of late him receive, I hereby echo.

This is an interview he did today talking about his recent interview with an evil Morlock named Newman, who was possessed by a spirit of deceit, and was exorcised by the spirit of logic, evidence, reason. We so often wish it would happen. It so rarely does. This is the after action report, and some remarks on the counter attack currently being waged:

My comment: I was frankly astonished, as I often am, when a concern troll came on my blog, and pretended that reality was unreal, evidently with the expectation that I would also go along with the pretense.

I am astonished because I cannot fathom a motive. Do they really think I am that stupid as to fall for so simple a trick? Are they so stupid that they fell for it? Do they simply not care whether the trick works or not, but they go through the motions anyway, because the rabbit warren demands their conformity? No answer clears up my confusion.

(As a Christian, I would rather feel charity and pity than contempt and disgust for my fellow sinners when they fib dog-ate-my-homework style fibs in my direction, but, at the my current novice level of spiritual maturity, contempt and disgust is about all I can manage. It is not an optimal outcome for me.)

In this case, after a dark spirit possessing feminist ideologue Newman attempted to pillory Jordan Peterson with a few sub-moronic and transparent rhetorical tricks (technically, with one rhetorical trick, that of the strawman “what you are really saying is you eat puppies”) and discovered that as a clinical psychiatrist, he saw through the tricks instantly, and knew where and why they were happening, the Left was shamed.

Shame to the Left is like grit in the eyeball. The devil is a proud sprite, and will not be mocked.

So Big Brother (by which I mean the propaganda arm of the Left that masquerades as journalism) swung immediately into action. They have decided to “Milo” the good doctor, that is, to pretend that his speech forms a clear and present danger to woman and minorities, that the sky is falling, ergo he may be silenced with no further ado.

The Milo process has two or three steps.

The first is for the boy to cry wolf: the designated martyr loudly and publicly claims to be in immediate physical danger from Jews, or from NeoNazis, or from Witches, or from the Creature from the Black Lagoon, or whoever the designated scapegoat is this season.

Step two is to claim the sky is falling, that is, that the danger is clear and extreme and immediate, so that something must be done and done now, without more debate or thought.

Step Three is to burn the witch before she blights the cattle again, which is done by attributing the actions of imaginary scapegoat danger-people, usually Jewish NeoNazis, to the victim, in this case Dr. Peterson.

Hate crimes will be reported, as with Anita Sarkeesian during Gamergate, and will turn out to be fake, or concocted, or self inflicted, as has happened in the last dozen hate crime reports we have all seen in the headlines of late.

The Left believes in witchcraft, by which I mean, they believe that Dr. Peterson (or whoever the Emmanuel Goldstein of today might be) has a secret and occult power by which he selects who will or will not be his fan, and he uses his brainwaves and magic potions to direct their actions, so that if one of them pens a threatening note to Little Nell the Martyr of today (they do not, and she is not) then he is to blame. No chain of cause and effect need be alleged or proved, since we all know witches use magic that is invisible, and occult powers that merely change reality without recourse to cause and effect.

Such is the infantile, illiterate and savage world the Left dwells in: it is a world of savage wolves, falling firmaments, and wicked witches.

You see, Big Brother has only one tool to fight the truth, and that is by stuffing reality into the memory hole, using Newspeak rather than English to express non-concepts, and by adopting an official “narrative” which social proofs will enforce on all loyal members of the party, no questions asked, no questions allowed.

In this case, in order to memory hole the shame of Newman public exposure for what she was, and, worse, the exposure of the infantile crackpot theory of neomarxist feminism for what it is, the “narrative” required that the history, even if the history is but one single day old, be papered over and replaced with a new narrative.

The new narrative is that Miss Newman is a martyr and a victim of Gamergate trolls threatening life and limb, and that Dr. Peterson is somehow responsible or complicit, therefore to listen to anything he has to say defending himself from slander will make the poor, big-eyed, infantile martyrs unsafe, therefore being fair-minded enough to listen is the same as murdering and raping puppies.

A concerted effort is currently being made in the press to replace the history with the new narrative, and some poor soul was fool enough to come here and try to convince me to help with the effort of mass-deception and mass-self-deception.

The slaves of Big Brother never seem to realize that not everyone is a slave of Big Brother.

Forewarned is forearmed. Believing nothing a Morlock says. Do not believe them when they cry wolf. Do not believe them when they say the sky is falling. Do not believe them when they say we must burn the witch.