Today is International Woman’s Day

Today is International Woman’s Day !

In honor of International Woman’s Day, Bruce Jenner was invited to appear on major mainstream media outlets, and was duly lauded and applauded by the Left. Ann Coulter was not, nor was Dana Loesch.

Feminists everywhere closed ranks with and supported Bill Clinton, and with his enambler, Hillary; feminists routinely do honor to Mohammedans, such as Linda Sarsour, who supports Sharia Law, honor killing and the genital mutilation of female children.

If there is a single Leftwinger who protests against Sharia Law, or against the Mohammedan religion that mandates such law, I am unaware of it. Instead, I have seen the two camps, allegedly opposite on all points, close ranks.

Not long ago, the homosexual lobby in England, for example, condemned an anti-Muslim march by British patriots, even though the Muslims has publicly called for homosexuals to be stoned to death, and the nationalists had publicly vowed to support the rights of the homosexuals. One of my socialists pen pals, an Italian, had explained to me in terms of sputtering incoherence why it is absolutely necessary to oppose patriotism at all times, but for gays to welcome their own killers with open arms. I did not understand the explanation he gave.

If Feminist love for Sharia Law seems a paradox, please consider that feminism, Marxism, Neo-Marxism, intersectionalism, and Mohammedanism all have one thing in common: they are identity politics. Each sees the world as a remorseless struggle between a Reprobate class and an Elect class.

The name assigned the Reprobates changes with changes of fashion, but they are treated precisely in the same way: for feminists, the devil is the Patriarchy; for Marxists, Capitalists; for racists, Jews; for race-baiters, Whites; for Mohammedans, the Infidels. For all of the groups, by no coincidence, the enemy is Christ.

Identity Politics advocates separation, ethnic cleansing, slavery or genocide for the Reprobate class, with the sole exception of Mohammedanism, which allows one to convert and join. With all other forms of identity politics, there is allegedly no way to join nor leave the class into which one is born.

According to their slogans and talking points, the Elect are born blessed with all virtues and the Reprobate are cursed with all defects. Loyalty to your group demands severing all ties with the enemy group, and no one can leave the group. So the story goes until we see how non-identitarian woman and blacks are treated by the Radical Left, or see how non-identitarian whites are treated by the Neo-nazis (who, despite valiant attempts to mislabel and disguise their origin, are also creatures of the Radical Left). Namely, disloyalty to the collective in all cases is treated as not merely a crime of treason, but as a sin of blasphemy.

Christ treats all men as brothers, and American law treats individual rights and duties, not collective one, as paramount. Christ promises that the truth will make us free. We Americans vow by our mutual, sacred honor to uphold each other’s natural rights to life, liberty, and property.

Identity politics is slavery. Keep that in mind during Internationale Woman’s Day, comrades.