CLFA Book of the Year! Get out the Vote!

An Announcement from the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance which may be of interest to my beloved readers:

As has become our tradition, the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance invites the general public to participate in the final vote of our Book of the Year contest.

To qualify for entry in the CLFA Book of the Year 2018 contest, books had to be over 50k words and first published in any form in 2017. Our members voted to arrive at the Top 10 list, which is now open to the public for the final vote. You can review the list of finalists here. Haven’t read enough of them to decide yet? You have until midnight on April 30th, 2018 to cast your vote.

Go here to vote!

Tell your friends and neighbors and their talking dogs and have them tell their friends and neighbors and talking dogs!

Go! Gather a large and unseemly mob of like thinkers! Vote with consummate contumely! Vote in a frantic epiphany of fevered psephological frenzy!

Please note that my own DAUGHTER OF DANGER (Moth & Cobweb Book 4) is available for vote, the world’s first amnesiac ninja-girl superhero-sidekick amnesiac action-adventure thriller psychic-detective werewolf-fighting Arthurian urban fantasy paranormal romance ghost story dark-elf-drama guest starring a talking dog.

However, the same mischievous imp of fate which put me in the running against my own wife: THE AWFUL TRUTH ABOUT FORGETTING (Books of Unexpected Enlightenment Book 4)Both her book and mine, by odd coincidence, are the 4th volume in our ongoing tales.

The book is simply delightful, and, in my humble opinion, better than my own offering, and you should buy it anyway, or else my wife will be ill-tempered, and I will kick our talking dog, Mr. Peabody, who will use his powers of speech to complain to the SPCA and the NIMH and perhaps even Lord Jestocost of the Instrumentality of Mankind, who will then subject me to the Rectification Process.

Only your generous purchases and forestall this dreadful concatenation of events.

On a more sober note, I, for one, will be voting for another book altogether.

Moira Greyland tells the painful and tragic story of the child abuse and child molestation she suffered at the hands of her parents.

The website Lifesite News writes:

The book recounts Greyland’s life with her mother, who was the author of The Mists of Avalon and many other famous works of science fiction and fantasy, and her father, Walter Breen, who was a world-renowned authority on numismatics. Both identified as “gay,” both abused drugs and were involved in occult practices, and both were pedophiles, Greyland says, a claim that has been confirmed by her only surviving brother.

The couple’s LGBT ideology was constantly imposed on the children by both parents. Greyland says that Zimmer Bradley expected her to take on masculine mannerisms and to become a lesbian, and was disappointed in her attraction to the opposite sex, accusing her of being a “breeder.” Greyland also had to hide from her parents her conversion to Christianity which would have been received with terrible derision.


I note that no other publisher had the manhood and simple decency to publish this work, except for Castalia House, whom I have the honor to boast as my own publisher.

Shockingly, the Science Fiction and Fantasy fandom of America to this day continues to downplay, cover up, and make excuses for these monsters. After a lifetime of abuse, her reward for telling the truth is to be libeled and ignored.

This is not her first attempt at telling her story. One of the nominees in the Best Related Work category for the Hugo Awards in 2016 was The Story of Moira Greyland. Along with Safe Space as Rape Room, it was the chilling accounts of child molestation in the same old guard SF community that still controls Worldcon.

As a courtesy, I have included a link. Be warned that the material is not for the fainthearted.

The organized fandom running Worldcon took two steps: they banned the exposes from the voter packet, and then voted both works beneath ‘No Award’ a rare sign of contempt for an author almost never used in Hugo history.

THE LAST CLOSET: The Dark Side of Avalon is worth reading merely because of the nature of those who do not want you to read it.

The reason why I am voting for Greyland’s book and not my own is that she has but one life whose tragic truth bears telling in our corrupt modern age. I will have other stories to tell.