Not Tired of Winning Yet XLI

The Hill this morning reported:

The Trump administration announced on Friday it plans to ban the use of federal funds for family planning clinics that refer women for abortions.

The rule would ban clinics that receive federal money from referring women for abortions and remove the requirement that clinics counsel women on abortion as an option.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. This is a small first step. We should pray to see abortion outlawed in our lifetimes.

When William Wilberforce started his crusade against the slave trade, he certainly did not expect to see slavery itself, not just the international trade, ended in England, then worldwide, before he died: but so the Divine Judge in Heaven, who sees all hidden hearts, decree.

When a young mother butchers her own helpless child in the womb like livestock, it mars and scars her soul. Having her return to regular Church-going, having a happy marriage, having normal human social relations, all become more difficult. The little ghost sits in high windows at night, or atop her bookshelf in her room, and looks down at her. She feels an ache in her arm where she is not carrying her baby.