Not Tired of Winning Yet XXXVII

Have not done one of these posts in a while. I am behind, and I cannot catch up. There actually is too much winning, and I cannot keep track of it all.

The leader of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, credits Trump with bringing North and South Korea to the negotiation table.

North Korea, in recent years, has been firing missiles through the airspace of neighboring nations.

One of the items to be discussed is the denuclearization of the peninsula. Now, we all know socialists lie, since that is all they own, and Kim most likely has no intention of forswearing his nukes.

The Iran “Deal” is being undealt, as President Macron of France and then Chancellor Merkel of Germany accede to Donald Trump’s position, agreeing that the Iran deal cannot continue as-is. Obama, by funding Iran’s nuclear ambition, did more to push the hands of the nuclear doomsday clock closer to midnight than anyone in decades. Trump, by orchestrating peace talks between North and South Korea has done more to push that midnight away,

But President Obama was awarded a Nobel Peace prize as a participation trophy.

Will Trump be so rewarded?

Doubtful. The Nobel has gone the way of the Hugo, but there is no Sad Puppy movement to show the world how corrupt Nobel is.

Meanwhile, the national press Fake News in America failed to report on these events. Moon Jae-in’s remarks are not reported.

In foreign policy as in all other areas of life and thought, Leftwingers watch in frustrated howling outrage as their beloved theories of how utopians should behave (if only fad ideas believed by psychologically crippled academics could somehow, in a universe run by non-Euclidean Cthulhu, could be true) always and invariably produce the mere opposite of the promised outcome, whereupon the Leftists lie about the outcome, or ignore it altogether, promise better results next time, claim true communism has never been tried, and redouble their counterproductive efforts.

It would be sadistically amusing to review the decades of failure and destruction in every field were it not for the piled corpses they leave behind, the ruination of law, of academics, of the fine arts, of social niceties, and of the Boy Scouts. This is not to mention the general filth, hatred, and stupidity deposited as dungheaps behind them as they go. But the parasites kill the host first. See Cuba, Venezuela, China, and the Soviet Union for details.

Seeing years of American humiliation overseas, betrayals of allies, rendering aid and comfort to the enemy, and undermining freedom and decency abroad, under the talons of the last administration, it is cause for explosive joy to see the return of real America once more on the world stage.

Since it has been a while since I did a ‘Not Tired of Winning’ post, let me just mention one small set of triumphs that slipped under my radar:

Trump used diplomatic means to free American charity worker Aya Hijazi, who was held in Egypt; former CIA agent Sabrina De Sousa, who was in Portuguese custody, and three UCLA basketball players, who were arrested for shoplifting in China.

Does anyone remember the time Obama was left fretting in his jet plane during a visit to China while no one bothered to bring stairs up to allow him to disembark? I do. He was humiliated with a diplomatic pie to the face. Does anyone remember foreign dignitaries heaping any such indignity on Trump? I don’t.

Meanwhile, in other news, the legislature in Iowa has passed a bill banning abortions if a fetal heartbeat is detected. This happens usually in the sixth week. Since the only way the infanticide law was ever chained around the neck of Americans in the first place was by an egregious abuse of the federal judiciary, we can expect Trump’s effort to replace treasonous activists judges with honest originalist judges. The standard of the law, if honestly followed, would reveal no precedent in common law making this a federal matter.

It may be too soon, here, to rejoice, but this is nonetheless a victory.

In Europe, bureaucrats kill babies for no clearly expressed reason, set police about the waif to prevent anyone feeding or tending him, and refuse to release him to the parent to allow him die at home.

Despite the nightmarish, ghoulish horror of this, is there even a single voice in Europe calling for an end to Socialized Medicine? If so, we in America have heard no whispering echo of his calls.

The culture of death there is triumphant. Moloch is adored and glorified.

Here, the trumpets and battle cries still ring out in favor of the Culture of Life. That is what the Iowans now show to a nation drowning in a morass of moral confusion, moral relativity, moral inversion.

Trump has ordered NASA to stop dithering around with meaningless boondoggles like the international space station, and start working toward moonshots and Mars missions. The hearts of every science fiction fan or rocketry buff should soar like a rocket. He praises the efforts of the private sector to enter space, which shows he knows where the future is.

We are in the midst of a Trump-caused oil boom, and America is likely to become the world’s top oil exporter, after having been an importer dependent on the good graces of petty tyrants and terror-masters in the Middle East for decades. Basically, Obama’s insane war on oil was put paid.

Strangely enough, when I page through search engines looking for some facts and figures to bolster this case, every single article I see is downplaying, dismissing, or weeping over the oil boom. They all have the exact same note of weary despair, even as they admit this is a huge boost, not just for the American economy and the world, but also for American foreign policy. None of them give any concrete information, but they all bewail alleged bad side effects of the unparalleled good fortune.

It is all quite deliberate, of course. The press has a mission to keep the facts of our expanding prosperity and power from the minds of the American public, even in the same way, under Obama, their attempt was to pretend that the stagnant and shrinking economy and growing unemployment were signs of Obama’s huge successes in flooding America with a cornucopia of boundless wealth.

Kayne West, a gentlemen whose name I have not had the privilege of hearing before this week, came out in incoherent but undeniable public support of Trump. His remarks have been analyzed and lambasted all across the fibosphere of the Left, so there is little need for me to say more.

I will say that people with poorer math skills than mine should not get into public debates. Even I, a math illiterate, know that ‘400 years of slavery’ is a metaphor referring — if you count the dates from when the Dutch introduced slavery on this continent  — to a timespace meant to include the last century and a half, that is, up to and through the modern day.

Mr. West is dismissing those who still pretend that the oppression of slavery continues by asking them to free their minds from a thought-prison.

He should read Bruce Charlton (as should you, dear reader.)

Make no mistake: this is a triumph. Conservative foolishly ignore the cultural aspect of political change at their peril. If popular performers, celebrities, and various mountebanks, fools, jugglers and clowns decide to side with Truth, Justice and the American Way, then the conservative cause is triumphant for a generation or more.

Liberals of the Left long ago paid lipservice to freedom of speech and thought. They were the nonconformists, the cowboys, the lone rebels. Liberals were driven into silence by the Left and trampled. They are no more.

Now the Left is not as once they were. Now, they are the step-dames, nannies and scolds and termagants and petty despots washing out the mouths of uppity Negroes with soap and ordering them to shut up and go back to picking cotton.

Keyne West is the least likely person to say that the Emperor has no clothes, and no doubt fate chose him just for that reason to be that person.

God bless him, for his words are making the adamantine walls of the invulnerable Leftwing bubble show cracks.

When Political Correctness ends, it will not erode like sand. It will shatter like glass.

You see, Political Correctness is just bullying. And bullies are cowards.

To make the point, let me use an example from the current news: online hecklers bullied an eighteen year old beauty going to a prom in a fine silk dress. They did their best to try to spoil one of the few fine and memorable nights in a young girl’s life.

I am not making this up. This fine young lady, Miss Keziah Daum of Utah, posted the picture below on social media, and Leftists swarmed over her in a mass, like locusts and harpies, heaping scorn, shame, insults and abuse on her.

I leave it as an exercise to the reader to discover what in the picture triggered the swarming reaction. Hint: it is not the alluring slit up the skirt showing a shapely leg, albeit that would have been a good guess.

Give up?

Wearing clothing is apparently an act of cultural appropriation, at least according to persons using the internet (invented by White Male Christians) powered by electrical motors and wiring (Christians) using modern English (Christian, at least as far back as Middle English) typing (Christian) on computers (Christian) using Roman letters (Pagan, but Roman, so maybe that is allowed.)

There is another picture, not shown, where she playfully bows with her hands folded. The gesture of prayer was also decried as racist. Only yellow skinned men from now on may bow or pray, even in jest.

Historical note: the cheongsam was introduced by the Manchus, an ethnic minority group from China’s northeast — meaning that the garment was itself appropriated by the majority Han Chinese. Originally, the dress was baggy, and worn by upper-class women during the Qing Dynasty. It was only in the 1920s and ‘30s, when Western influence began seeping into China, that the cheongsam was reinvented to become the  body-hugging dress known today.

In other words, the current cheongsam is a product of Western influence on a traditional Chinese garb. Who is culturally appropriating whom, again?

I, for one, am glad any non-White making this complaint will not use any clothing created by sewing machine (Elias Howe) shipped by airplane (Wright Brothers) or by any form of internal combustion engine (James Watt) purchased by means of coin money (Croesus of Lydia) using any form of free market exchange protected by an unalienable right to property (English Common Law, but having deeper roots in Canon Law and Biblical Law).

Such complaints would not be welcomed by our current leadership, the God-Emperor of Outer Space, Donald Trump, and if your culture is oriental, or African or pagan in root, then you have only the same right freely to criticize your leadership as did the subjects of the Pharaoh, the Emperor of China, or of the various Priest-Kings and Chieftains who once peopled the hither parts of the world.  I remind you that stepping on the shadow of the Chief in Hawaii was taboo, and the penalty was death. I will not say what Aztecs did to those who insulted their Emperors.

If you have freedom of speech, an Anglo-American cultural value springing uniquely out of the Christian worldview and European legal tradition, but you are not a Christian Englishman or his descendant, by the logic of cultural appropriation, you offend all righteousness.

Each man’s rights come not from God, so the logic goes, but from his race. Koreans may not wear Chinese dresses, nor Virginians wear Texan hats, nor Californians hire Mexican day-laborers, or, if they do, they must speak English. Or the opposite. How this logic works is unclear. In any case, Zorro movies are now racist. (May Americans read novels written by British writers?)

A more perfect nonsense could not be invented, no, not even by a very imaginative science fiction writer with free time on his hands.

The Romans cannot adore Greek gods? The Mycenaeans not use Phoenician alphabet?

By this logic, an Irishman cannot play Hawaiian guitar, nor Japanese sing German opera, even though Hawaii did not invent the guitar, nor Germany the opera.

And no one can eat Chop Suey if he is not from San Francisco.

The accusation, of course, is to perfectly stupid that it cannot be taken seriously, nor was it meant to.

It is meant as an excuse to bully the weak.

Bullies do not make reasonable demands. That defeats the point. They make impossible, irrational, insatiable demands.

The point is to invent some excuse for screaming anger that is so stupid, so impossible, and so unserious that the victim knows for sure that you are picking on him for no reason whatsoever.

It is an effective tactic to induce fear.

Tyrants do it all the time. It shows the victim his weakness. If the bully or the tyrant attacks for no reason, punishes for no reason, kills for no reason, then there is no hope that any reason will stop him.

The victim’s peace, freedom and happiness are in the hands of an unsteady and arbitrary whim.

That is the point. Leftism is sadism apotheosized to political ends. See the French Terror, the Russian gulags, the Chinese loagai for details.

In any case, last I heard, the reaction from China was that they were pleased if someone admires their inventions, and they would like to sell more goods to us.

If a schoolgirl is willing to defy the combined might of sadist Leftists everywhere, the system is cracking. Does Trump get the credit for this, too? Or is this just old-fashioned Utah grit?