Superluminary: the Space Vampires 

The testimony of another satisfied customer:

Just when I think John Wright cannot get better, cannot top or even match what he’s done before he goes and blows it all out of the water. The sheer scope and imagination in his latest is stunning. His imagination is bigger than Dyson or  Niven. A big sphere a hula hoop in space? Try Saturn with many multiple of human worlds nested inside each layer of atmosphere like a Russian doll with more living room than I have ever heard of anyone dreaming.

When I read that I was stunned. Huge grandeur like a force of nature an imagination so vast that nothing is beyond the scope of the story. Vast battles over intergalactic distances with battle stars the size of Dyson spheres powered by unholy vampiric overlords. I’ve never read anything like it. I thought, Awake in the Nightland was the best I had read, beyond any mortal’s ability to imagine and bring to life. I was wrong, Wright tore open whole new vistas in my mind. What’s more he somehow managed to keep me connected with the uncounted trillions of people on Saturn even though the numbers defy description much less comprehension. 

He’s the best there is and keeps getting better.

Superluminary: the Space Vampires 

 And while we are at it, here is another:

If you know your classical SciFi and loved the family politics of Nine Princes in Amber, the weird super science of The World of Null-A, the immense galactic war of the Lensmen series, then you need to buy and read this book right away. It will take you back to the old days. If you don’t know what those books are, then you need to read this book right away and find out what really spectacular science fiction really looks like.