Terminal Correctness in Star Wars

Is THE LAST JEDI so absurdly bad just due to accident? I say it was deliberate, to the degree that word has meaning when speaking of perfectly unselfaware, self mesmerized auto-lobotomy victims.

One reason I am writing a 16 part essay on this topic is to quell the suspicion that mere incompetent writing or officious meddling is to blame. Incompetence should fumble randomly, and scenes be unintentionally understated then overstated, too much or too little. Officious meddling should intrude elements that follow an agenda, as the woke-bot in Solo, or so I hear, is said to be.

I submit to your candid judgement, my dear reader, that a movie can only be this abominable this consistently because the filmmaker , and all who could have vetoed him but did not, are governed by an abominable philosophy or worldview called terminal stage political correctness.

In its active stage, political correctness attempts to pressure victims into self censorship on the theory that man is not fallen, merely not yet sufficiently educated and controlled into adopting the goodthink that will usher in utopia. Control language, control thoughts. It is justified on the grounds of being voluntary, ie, groupthink. The ideal man portrayed as altruistic, spiritual, activist.

In the terminal stage, however, hope of utopia vanishes . Man is controlled only because badthink disgusts the elite. There is no ideal — no picture of what goodthink man looks like. There are only negative pictures of what he is not. Man is not male nor female, as this is sexist. He is not confident, as confidence is fascist. He is not moral, since morality is judgemental. And so on.

When portrayed in stories, this worldview’s image of an interesting, heroic, realistic character is a null set. Snope with no background. Rey with no parents. Finn with no heroism. Poe as toxic. Skywalker as suicidal. Leia as a witch who slaps disobedient underlings.

Political Correctness is the image of man from whom the image of God is removed