Gillette Gets Woke

I have a beard, and when I shave, I shave the old fashioned way, by having a barber scrape my face-flesh is a smilodon tooth.

But even I have heard of Gillette’s latest commercial. It was created by the New York-based ad agency Grey and is called “We Believe.”  Gillette shows young boys bullying each other and beating each other up, older men touching women’s shoulders in business meetings, and suburban dads lined up at a never-ending row of charcoal grills saying, “Boys will be boys,” over and over while watching incidents of light violence.

Then the commercial shows the woke alternative. One young dad asks his daughter to say, “I’m strong.” One handsome 20-something man asks another handsome 20-something man to stop ogling a woman in the street.

Hmm. Is physical strength the quality men look for in their daughters? Is it wrong or unmanly for virile, vigorous and potent men to be attracted to nubile, fertile and bountiful young women?

Let us ask those sages of all things feminine, Gillette, the razor company.

What is wrong with this picture? Does it attract the Male Gaze? What about the Misgendered Gaze?

What about the Fans of Catwoman Gaze?

Is it a tasteless picture? Should the ladies be treated with more respect, since they are so strongfully strengthful with their empowered strength of strongness?

Surely strength, the ability to break heads, strangle vicious Ninja, and commit acts of bloody piracy on the High Seas, is the one quality all dainty little girls crave most of all?

No, ladies, it is not what little girls crave. You have been sold a bill of goods.

The feminist-Maoist-nihilist Impuritans have led you full circle into the maw of madness. At first, feminist demanded women be equal to men, and this meant to no longer be treated like ladies, held in high regard, and to be free to sleep with Harvey Weinstein in return for lucrative careers. The Harlots drove the Ladies out of the Town Square.

Then, Harlots and Whores attracted more Weinsteins, because that is what they do. More Anthony Weiners, more Kevin Spaceys, more Bill Clintons, more sexually aberrant persons generally. There were no Ladies present to make the Gentlemen mind their manners.

And so no one minded his manners. Even politicians, whose business it is to be stately and reserved, became loud and crude. Meanwhile clowns and comedians, whose business it is to be loud and crude, were silenced by the Harlots and Whores.

And, finally, the Harlots and Whores suddenly pretended to develop the puritanical and delicate sensitivities of Victorian matrons, without, you know, actually promoting or having the virtues, self control, iron discipline, or dignity of real Victorian matrons.

And the demand to be held in high regard, with the awe and respect the pagan Romans paid the Vestal Virgins, is nowadays the loudest coming from the lips of the modern Messilina, the Roman Empress who outperformed professional strumpets and slattern at their own career.

So now, what, Harlots? Do you want to be treated like Ladies?

So what now, Ladies? Are you sick of being treated like Harlots?

You will neither find the respect and adoration you crave, nor find the masculine virtues you need, following the tactics of shrews, harridans, termagants, and scolds.

You want a return to order?

Or do you want endless hostility, envy, and endless recriminations?

You want your man to treat you like a princess? Start by forswearing the wearing of vagina-shaped berets on your head, madame comrade.

Well, the ME TOO movement is not going to get you what you want. You known darned well that there is one and only one thing that will get you the respect for your feminine delicacy and refinement, your gracious airs, your subtle emotions, your deep spiritual longing and intuitions that you now allege to crave.

Only one thing can give a maiden the dignity of maidenhood. You know. You will not speak of it.

Or, perhaps I should say, you will not speak of Him.