Blistering Space Oaths!

Some readers who are eager to express themselves vociferously may wonder what, if any, rough or uncouth language is allowed on this blog? Well, fret not! As a graceous public service, I have compiled here a list of blistering deep-space oaths perfectly acceptable for use on this, or any other, science fictional journal, blog, or combox!

(Only the strong of stones may look below the cut. All others, pray avert your pure eyes!)

  • Rut!
  • Frak!
  • Tanj!
  • Smeg!
  • Frell!
  • P’Tak!
  • Stang!
  • Frag!
  • Tanjit!
  • Kark it!
  • By Rao!
  • By Crom!
  • Gorram!
  • Holy Moly!
  • Felgercarb!
  • Nerfherder!
  • Yarbles!
  • Belgium!
  • Zarking Fardwarks!
  • Stars and Stones!
  • Great Caesar’s Ghost!
  • Kull Wahad!
  • Noy Jitat!
  • Chongo Longo!
  • Twist my Soul!
  • Twist my Soul in the Abyss!
  • By Grabthar’s Hammer!
  • Death and Taxes!
  • Mother’s milk in a cup!
  • Codswallop!
  • Shazbot!
  • Burn me!
  • John Charles Justin-Martyr Wright!
  • Blood and Souls for my Lord Arioch!
  • Well, I’ll be Superamalgamated!

And, for those rare occasions when a particularly sizzling, uncouth oath is called for that will blister the refractory hullplates off a mauler and ionize the ionosphere:

  • Holy Klono!
  • Klono’s Whiskers!
  • by Noshabkeming!
  • Holy Klono’s claws!
  • by Klono’s golden gills!
  • by Klono and all his cubs!
  • by Klono’s carballoy claws!
  • by Klono’s brazen whiskers!
  • Noshabkeming the Radiant!
  • Great Klono’s tungston teeth!
  • by Klono’s own gadolinium guts!
  • by Klono’s brazen hoofs and diamond-tipped horns!
  • Holy—Klono’s—Iridium—Intestines!

Extra points for anyone who can identify the province of these blistering space oaths.

There is, of course, the favorite cussword of Libertarians:

  • Keynesian!

And, of course, my personal favorites, straight from the foul lips of my hero Meany Montrose:

  • Pox!
  • Pest!
  • Plague!
  • Pestiferous!
  • Pestilential!

And a brand new one I shall have to put into circulation in my next novel:

  • Grawlix!

(Which is actually the word for the @#$%$! symbols one sees in comics to represent swearwords)

I am mortified deeply that I forgot this one below. May Vectron overlook the slight!

Mitchell & Webb – HAIL VECTRON! on Vimeo.