The Sons of the Father of Lies

I notice that, again and again, one must explain the basic rules of courtesy in the modern day, which apparently few are taught any more.

The most explanation is needed to those people, who call themselves politically correct, who are the rudest creatures imaginable, but who, in their own delirious minds, regard themselves as more polite, more inclusive, more welcoming that all other Sons of Adam combined.

It is a lie, as is everything they say. They are the sons of the Father of Lies, and they serve him.

How have we fallen so far? The one swearword uttered at the end of GONE WITH THE WIND, was rightly regarded as shocking, since sailors and rougnecks spoke so, but no man in mixed company. Even those in the middle classes, or low, wanted to mind their manners around the womenfolk and children, or when at church, which they all, even the poorest, took pains to dress nicely to attend.

What happened? It should come as no surprise that the degradation was not an accident. These things do not happen by accident.

Back in the old days, we always had barbarians and barroom talk, but we did not have Leftists and Commies deliberately attempting to normalize all things crude, uncouth, and foul. It is part of their attempt — quite a deliberate attempt — going back to the world wars or even earlier, to weaken the West and undermine our walls.

Undoing courtesy, undoing rules of grammar and of polite society, is an easy angle of attack because no one can defend in legalistic or philosophical terms an arbitrary but beautiful adornment to society: but the antinomians are anarchists not just of the rules of drawing room manners, but of all rules, all laws, all commandments, both of man and of God.

The effort to normalize swearwords is to encourage men to take the name of the Lord in vain, and more to the point, to make this seem ordinary, hence acceptable.

And so on for the other commandments, by the way.

Why use the First Amendment to abrogate the First Commandment, tearing down war memorials that refer to Christ? Removing all mention of God or the Ten Commandments from schoolrooms and courthouses? Why so many idols? Why strike down blue laws? This is done to break their respective commandments.

Why else are they so hellbent on killing children in the womb, or on pretending that a man can marry a man? It is to to break the command against honoring thy father and mother.

The various and relentless attacks against traditional marriage and the nuclear family are likewise meant to make dishonoring one’s parents seem normal.

The other reason to promote abortion is the same reason to promote euthanasia: to break the commandment against murder.

Why else flood the internet with pornography? Why contraception?  This is done to break the commandment against adultery, including that adultery in the heart we call lust.

Why else do they keep lying in the mainstream media long after their lies are exposed, and no one, not even the most gullible, actually believes what is being said? It is done to normalize the act of lying, to force the weak and craven to speak falsehoods, to break the spirit of honest men by making them utter dishonest words. It is done most of all to break the commandment against bearing false witness.

Why else preach socialism? No one in his right mind thinks punishing the productive to reward the unproductive will make both more productive. All it does is exchange the system of voluntary exchanges for a system of involuntary non-exchanges, that is, slavery and rationing. Rationing produces shortage which produces more rationing.

Real socialists, the Morlocks, know socialism fails, and must fail. Only the Eloi, the useful idiots, think socialism actually accomplishes anything it says it is setting out to do. Obviously it does not. Socialism is not done for the sake of rectifying social injustices, but to cause them. It normalizes using force to take property from the rightful owners.

Socialism in all its forms is preached primarily to break the commandments against theft, and against covetousness.

Now, looking over this list, surely it is strange that every commandment is under direct and unrelenting attack by the Left, with the possible exception (in the case of sabbath breaking) of areas where their victory is so complete that all memory that our fathers conducted themselves in the opposite fashion has been forgotten, or buried.

Or, rather, it is not strange at all. The enemy knows at what to aim.