Nowhither for Sale

For all of you who wondered, Nowhither is here.

NOWHITHER is the eagerly-awaited sequel to SOMEWHITHER, the Dragon Award winner for Best Science Fiction Novel (2016).


The tale resumes as Ilya Muromets, nonhuman immortal and would-be hero, and his friends and companions, make a hair’s breadth escape from the endless immensities of the Dark Tower, that unconquerable stronghold and throne of a monstrous, dimension-spanning empire ruled by cruel tyrants and omniscient magicians, only to find themselves trapped in circumstances even worse. They escape a citadel of blood-drinking abominations only to find themselves trapped in a chamber at the sunless bottom of the sea.

The invulnerable Ilya also realized he can be hurt indeed when he faces a dread decision pitting family love against loyalty to friends, and involves the fates not of his own world only, but all worlds.

For those of you wondering why this book appeared on Amazon a while ago, but that I made no announcement, the reason is that at first I wanted to wait until Somewhither was also available from my new publisher, Superversive Press. The process is time consuming. Somewhither will be available again soon. Stand by.