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The Internet has made many things easy.

With a click of a button, we upload novels to Amazon for the whole world to read. No years waiting for a publisher to discover us.

But no distribution into bookstores either.

No one can stop writers from achieving their dreams of being published today, but will anyone buy it? And, if they do, will they want to read the next one?

The best way to ensure future sales is to offer your reader a really good book!

Superversive Press wants to help!

To this end, Superversive Press wants to provide courses on how to write—providing all the tools you need to bring your writing up to the next level!  Our first course is:\

The Art and Craft of Writing


What Our Students Are Saying:

Here are some responses from students who have taken the in-person version of The Art and Craft of Writing :

“The course is a treasure trove of practical, positive advice you can use immediately to improve your WIP or solidify your ideas for a new project.” author Marina Fontaine

“I  took L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright’s “Guinea Pig” writing class last November and it definitely upped my game. Since “graduating” her course, I’ve sold six short stories and am now working on my first novel. Thanks, Jagi.” James Pyles

“I especially liked how you simply laid out ideas about story and characters, which instantly made me go “Oh, yeah! I’ve seen that before!”. In particular:

  • The conflicting traits and goals in of character adding depth.
  • How you can use The Trick to evoke an emotional response.
  • The power of the Two Strings.
  • How you can use the Ultimate Secret to bring focus into the story.

I felt that these were techniques that would have taken me ages to work out on my own, and seeing them simply stated has seriously helped me as a writer.”  Billy Charlton

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