Repeal the Twenty Second Amendment

I hear that the Enemies of Man Democrat Party is launching multiple impeachment investigations rather than debating and passing laws.

I have seen the impeachment investigations are based on a case, which, even if everything alleged against the President were true and interpreted in the light most favorable to the accusation, nothing alleged is neither a high crime, nor a misdemeanor, nor a breach of common courtesy, nor unusual, nor untoward, but is instead one of those things the Office of the President is charged under the Constitution to do (namely to see the laws duly enforced).

If you have a contrary opinion as to the meaning, the wisdom, or the Constitutionality of this naked abuse of process, keep it to yourself. Some things are loaned an undue dignity by debating them as if they were serious.

It is no coincidence that Hillary was conspiring with the Russians and against American interests, and so Trump was accused of that, without evidence and without any hint of evidence.

It is no coincidence that Biden was using his position in the executive to pressure Ukraine halt a legal investigation into Biden’s corruption, and so Trump is accused, without evidence and without a hint of evidence, of wrong doing for asking to that same investigation to proceed.

It is no coincidence that the accusations against Bret Kavanaugh were of a sexual assault, when, at the same time, the main pimp and procurer of underage girls and boys for the Dem party, Epstein, is murdered in his jail cell.

All this is Alinsky tactics: accuse the innocent of one’s own flaws ensures that, even when the truth is known, the average onlooker will assume both parties are somewhat guilty.

For this and other reasons, the grim realization had been pressed upon me, and perhaps on other men of good will, that there is no possibility of peace and compromise with the enemy opposing party. There is no possibility that, should they ever gain even the slightest political power again, they will use it unhesitatingly and unceasingly to punish the American public.

The shape the punishment will take, I cannot foretell. Perhaps they will destroy the process of free elections once and for all, either by packing the Supreme Court, abolishing the Electoral College, flooding the nation will illegals whose votes can be bought easily, or by using all these means, or by simply making the currently furtive attempts of Big Tech to silence all conservative voices legal and explicit.

The dishonest lunacy of fraudulent impeachment investigations without any underlying crime even being alleged has made Trump’s re election a near certainty. But with the Dems sinking every deeper into the abyss, four more years may not be enough to drain the swamp.

I would like any voters who feel as I do to write your local state legislatures, and ask them to exercise the power granted the several states under Article V of the US Constitution, to amend the Constitution, and repeal the 22nd Amendment, limiting the President to two terms.

We may need Trump for eight or twelve more years to drain the swamp, abolish the Fed, strangle the mainstream news, geld Silicon Valley, and restore sanity and order to our colleges and universities.

Since the Dems are talking seriously about disenfranchising every Trump voter of his vote, by unseating the president we picked, and about packing the Supreme Court so as to undo the President and Senate’s power to select judges, and about abolishing the Electoral College, so as to disenfranchise all voters from small states, let us talk just as seriously about what we need to do to shore up our position.