The Trouble with Tropes?

Jagi, here

Our campaign for The Art and Craft of Writing is 214% funded!  We can now make at least 13 videos, making our Wordsmith Perk really a good value.

However, we still have four days yet and we are already 1/4 of the way to the final stretch goal.

If we make it, we will add The Trouble With Tropes.

We hear a lot about Tropes today, partially due to the popularity of TV Tropes. But what are Tropes? Are they the Legos of the literary world, building blocks you can combine any way you wish? Or is there something more to them? Did they develop randomly? Or is there a method to their story madness?

Is a Trope the ultimate application of The Trick?

Come tour the landscape of the human heart and soul with us and discover the truth about Tropes!

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