Just in Time For Christmas — A New John C. Wright Collection!

Jagi, here. Sorry, you guys have been seeing a lot of me recently.

New from Superversive Press,
a new essay collection by our own John C. Wright!

This excellent cover was provided by one of the backers to the Starquest Campaign and is dedicated to him and his wife. The Kindle version is now available. The paper version should be coming soon.

These essays appeared on this blog at some point, but here they are in convenient book form.

Science Fiction Grandmaster John C Wright here presents never before published essays on topics both deep and trivial surrounding the strange and wonderful worlds of science fiction and fantasy. Thoughtful, humorous, deep, or absurd, Wright travels the width of the cosmos and plumbs the deeps of eternity through the lens of simple space adventure stories to say what these flights of fancy say about life on earth, and the secrets hidden in the human heart.

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