My nonfiction essay collection, From Barsoom to Malacandra, has garnered its first reader review, which is a five star. (This is not a review written by my mother, because she does not read my books.)

John C. Wright is a master of science fiction. No one can tell a fantasy or space opera as well. This series of musings on what makes good or great work is insightful, unique and interesting. His essay on the new star wars is worth the price of the book all by itself. All fans of the genre should read this book.

I am humbled by this high praise, and hope all my readers will take it to heart.

A word of warning: all this material, in one form or another, was previously published here on my blog, and hence is no longer available.  Longtime readers may have read the essays before.  On the other hand, if you want a permanent copy in case of an anti-Conservative purge on WordPress, act now.