Here it is, folks:

Once, in a theater long ago and far, far away, young audiences thrilled to the nostalgic space epic of yesteryear, known then only as STAR WARS, and were duly enthralled. So much goodwill, so much affection, so much love has rarely been lavished on any franchise. So much money from so many eager fans was never so readily available.

And yet, with one potent Deathstar-like blast of mind-breakingly awful film making, the Disney Corporation has managed to alienate that goodwill, spurn that affection, and lose that money.

Why? What makes THE LAST JEDI so appallingly bad?

What made the film maker think he could win over his audience by insulting his audience?

John C. Wright’s epic takedown of Disney’s The Last Jedi, a Critical Autopsy of a Galaxy Far Far Away.

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