Changes Afoot!

Jagi, here.

Some of you may have heard, but Superversive Press–the publishing company that was publishing John’s more recent books and some of his older ones–has shut down. This means that any links you have for John’s new books are  no longer any good.

The non-fiction and possibly, in the future, some fiction collections, are now posted on Amazon directly by us.

The fiction that is not in the hands of Castalia House, Tor, or Theogony Books, is going to Silver Empire and will be appearing again over the next few months.

Here are the links for the books that John and I have reposted. Currently, the reviews are gone from The Last Straw and From Barsoom to Malacandra. We have written to Amazon about possibly getting them put back. If this does not work, we will ask you, our intrepid readers, if you could repost any reviews that you posted. I believe I was able to copy all but one review. If we need reviews reposted, I will post the ones we have here, so that if you posted one before you can just cut and paste your old review.

Here is the new links:

The Last Straw

From Barsoom to Malacandra

The Lament of Prometheus 

And, posted again after being out of print for a time:

Transhuman and Subhuman