Mary’s Shelter Virtual Soiree Tonight

Jagi, here:

One of the highlights of the year for John and I is the speeches we hear at the Mary’s Shelter Soiree. This year, the Soiree is going virtual, and I just found out that it is tonight!

Mary’s Shelter Virtual Soiree Registration (It’s free.)

Mary’s Shelter is the “Pro-Choice” folks keep saying they want. Mary’s Shelter takes in pregnant women. It helps them have their babies, and it allows them to live there for up to THREE YEARS while going to school and finding a job. Also, it is one of the few charities that accepts women who already have children.

Mary’s Shelter is in Fredericksburg, VA, but the concept is now spreading across the country.

This is a fantastic charity, and, tonight, the wonderful speeches and stories they share at their fundraising soiree are available for anyone who wants to register.

Really worth the time.