Marymae Lives!

Jagi, here.  Some years ago, I received a fan letter from a charming 15 year old, whom you have all come to know as John’s dancing fangirl and some of you know as the dancing cow or as a writer of quality short stories: A. M. Freeman. Back when she was still a teen, she sent me a story she had written. Today, that story–buffed and polished–goes live, complete with lovely illustrations.


Marymae is a little girl with big problems! First, no one will believe her imaginary friend is real…

And then he goes missing!

Marymae must set out to find her friend. But she soon discovers something scary is happening in the Forest of Make-Believe. Those that were noble are now hiding. Dangerous creatures lurk in the shadows. And a growing darkness threatens to engulf even the bravest heart. If Marymae and her friends can’t stop it in time, the nightmares will spread across all the worlds, including her own! Enjoy the journey with her as she discovers how to be a light to inspire courage in those around her, and how to love even the most broken heart.

Pick up this illustrated novelette and join the characters on their journey as they spring from one challenge to the next. A refreshing light to illuminate a mundane day, or to enjoy reading with your children.

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And here is an article that she wrote for Evangelizing Fandom. Unfortunately, she couldn’t really discuss the part of the story I found most satisfying from a Christian perspective, because it was a major spoiler, so I will just say, the solution to Marymae’s troubles are not as simple as a non-Christian might imagine.  ;-)

Article on writing Marymae and the Nightmare Man by A. M. Freeman