Let not your hearts be troubled. Let us review what has been discovered the last few days of the election debacle, which shall be known to history as the Great American Gaslighting.

Trump did win in a landslide.

They are gaslighting you. You saw the size of the Trump rallies in the sunbelt and rustbelt states. You saw Biden could not fill up a school gymnasium.

As for voting irregularities, fraud, and miscounts, there is abundant evidence, shockingly so, almost as if the malefactors are rubbing our noses in it when they claiming there is no evidence.

This is gaslighting you again.

Remember who they are. These are the selfsame people who cried Russia, Russia, Russia had stolen the election for FOUR YEARS. As yet, not one has seen fit to retract as single accusation, even after Trump was vindicated by the Muller Report, and even after evidence emerges that Hillary, Obama, Biden, were in fact conspiring with Russia to steal the election.

These are the selfsame people who thought that there was sufficient evidence of an abuse of power for Trump to ask the head of state of the Ukraine to cooperate in an investigation of the alleged Russia election hacking to impeach him in the House.

They are now saying that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, because such frauds are exceedingly rare. They are now saying that to question whether such evidence as there is merits investigation before any votes are certified is not only crackpot and insane, but unpatriotic, as it undermines faith in our sacred institutions of democracy.

They are asking us to be good losers, and behave with decorum. To call an election result questionable while the voting is still ongoing shows a lack of character.

I am not kidding. Whoopie Goldeberg on THE VIEW boasted of the stoic reserve of Hillary Clinton, and the good grace with which she swallowed any unproven accusations of election tampering, and urged all Americans to support the duly elected winner.

I do not recall any such sentiments ever being expressed. Perhaps this was done during Mrs Clinton’s graceful concession speech — except there was none.

Trump won in a landslide.

The downballot victories, if nothing else, show this.

If Trump’s lead has been small, the Dems would only have needed to produce a few fake ballots to put Biden over the finish line.

Instead, in five swing states (Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin) he was ahead by tens of thousands of votes on election night.

So, in those states, all controlled by Dems, polling places were closed at midnight, and the count stopped.

This is something never seen before, and no explanation for it, to my knowledge, has been offered by anyone.

According to signed affidavits, while the polling centers were closed, trucks carrying the fake ballots drove in, were forged, and were entered into the rolls: so the next day, when counting resumed, there was a sudden jump of thousands and thousands of ballots, all from traditionally Republican-leading jurisdictions, all of which were for Biden.

But because of the haste, and the size of the lead to be overcome, the forgery was sloppy: for example, thousands of ballots were merely made out for Biden, with no down-ballot votes. (Usually this happens 3% of the time, now it is around 13%, or so I heard)

For another example, as in 2012, some districts voted 100% Democrat, without a single ballot for GOP or for any Third Party Candidate.

Statistical analysis, just by itself, is sufficient probable cause to trigger a legal challenge, an audit, or a recount. The fakers did not forge the ballots well enough to be statistically possible.

Moreover, as of the time of this writing, there are thousands of incidents of irregular or unlawful ballot counting as witnesses by hunndreds of signed affidavits either from poll observers who were denied access — which renders the ballots counted during that period untrustworthy hence invalid — or from poll worker whistleblowers or mailmen reporting on irregularities or criminal activity.

We also have public records, available on the internet, which can compare the voter rolls of certain jurisdictions with obituaries, showing where ballots were forged.

The whole thing was an immense effort, but not widespread, as it only needed to be targeted in the specific swing states, and, at that, only in the Dem controlled urban centers that would knock out the incoming rural vote.

It is not certain, but it is pretty clear, that the wrongdoers were taken unawares, and had to hasten to mock up a plethora of fake ballots quickly.

Perhaps irony is at work. Perhaps they believed their own fake polling number propaganda, and thought that Trump would loose by ten points in districts were he won by five or more.

The Marxist legacy media has also been taken unawares. They had no lie prepared, no convincing phony story ready to print.

All they are left with it “there is no evidence” and the censorship of a High Tech blackout on the story.

For better or worse, it no longer matters whether the public thinks the vote was stolen or not.

Now the legal process, investigations, recounts, audits, and the courts, and ultimately the Supreme Court, takes over.

The holding in Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 98 (2000) is clear and on point — the Florida Supreme Court established new standards for resolving Presidential election contests, thereby violating the Equal Protection Clause (Art. II, § 1, cl. 2, of the United States Constitution)

The Equal Protection Clause requires ballots counted or disqualified in one district be counted or disqualified by the same standard in another district, as and when and how the State Legislature directs. The reasoning the self evident: Having a strict disqualification standard in rural counties and a lax standard in urban is a violation of equal protection under the law.

While a corrupt, politicized, or activist judge could find some flimsy excuse not to apply that precedent to this case, where mail-in ballots were counted under far more lax standards (some illegally so) than in-person ballots, an honest court could not.

Now, the reader may be asking, but even if fraud or irregularity is found, will it make a difference?

The answer is yes. The number of votes called into question in each of the five swing states is above the razor thin margin by which Biden allegedly is ahead.

The five swing states are Arizona (11 Electors), Michigan (16), Nevada (6), Pennsylvania (20), Wisconsin (10).

Georgia (16) and North Carolina (15) should have been called long ago for Trump, and, once the illegal votes in Georgia are tossed out on a recount, will be.

Added to the 217  Trump unambiguously enjoys, this means he actually received  301.

But that is not the end of it. He also, once illegal votes are dropped, it would seem, at first blush that Trump won the Popular vote.

Ah, but certain states have bound themselves by law by something called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. This requires them to assign their Electors to whichever candidate wins the popular vote.

These jurisdiction are, namely, California (55 Electors) The District of Columbia (3),  Hawaii (4), Maryland (10), Massachusetts (11), New Jersey, (14), New York (29), Rhode Island (4), Vermont (3), Washington (12).

If the Compact were legal and binding (the Constitutionality is rather doubtful), adding these votes to the 301 Trump currently has, we have  458 or so.

Biden carries Colorado (9), Connecticut (7), Delaware (3), Illinois (20), Minnesota (10), New Hampshire (4), New Mexico (5), Oregon (7),  Virginia (13). 80 electoral votes, including one from Maine and Nebraska.

In other words, assuming the Compact is in play, and assuming Trump won the popular vote, it would be an absurd blow-out. But I have neither the skill nor the patience to look up the statistics on the popular vote, so these numbers are speculative, and I no doubt added wrong here and there. They are used for illustrative purposes only.

The illustration I am trying to make is to convince all and sundry to believe the eyes, and not the Matrix. We are embedded in the midst of the most complete and wide ranging professional propaganda machine in history. No tyrant of China, no Soviet dictator, ever has such control over what you will and will not see as Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

And it is all fake. It is fake news. Once the votes are counted, and the legal process finishes, and the legal votes separated from the illegal, Trump’s Second Term will be announced.

It is nonetheless an uphill battle. Do not become complaisant. Phone and write and email your representatives and local GOP party members. They are deceived by the Matrix also. Tell them to show courage, and boldly to declare Trump the President.

Having said all this, let us not put any faith in judges nor in auditors nor in princes. Men are fallen beings and will let you down. Only Christ is sure.