Review: Spider-Man No Way Home

This is my spoiler free review:
SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME picks up at the same moment, the same frame of film, that SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME ended, namely, when Mysterio reveals his secret identity to the world, and frames him for murder.

Unfortunately, there are so many plot twists in this film, that even the most basic description contains spoilers, which I shall leave to another review to be written in days to come, time permitting.

For now, I will say only, first, there is no political correctness in the film, no sucker punches, or extraneous tokenism, aside from the gratuitous race swaps already perpetrated previously.

Second, there is no intrusion by leftwing messages or agitprop concerning global anything or privileged anything. The movie was only about the movie, which is as rare as finding a hale man in a leper colony.

Third, the acting was top notch, as where the special effects, and the direction. Some fight scenes were a little too kinetic for my taste, but generally one could follow the action. No shaky-cam, no lazy cinema veritee.

A welcome host of guest stars put in an appearance.

The writing is crisp, witty, at times moving, and the moral of the story is what it is always supposed to be for Spidey: with great power…

Please go see it. Spend money and tell Hollywood we like old fashioned entertainment. Like this.

Five stars out of five. This film is a classic of the genre, and proof that Marvel still has magic.