The Nicholas Book by Wm Newsom

A fan and friend of mine, Mr. William Chad Newsom, has penned a book that sounds fascinating. I am eager to attract readers to it, even if (alas!) I have not had time yet to read it myself. Here is his description:

Pastor Douglas Wilson tells of a family who told their little girl that Santa Claus was not real, and received this reply: “Is Jesus real?” In a world filled with doubters and skeptics, who needs one more thing to confuse our children?

To work through my own views on the various Christmas legends surrounding St. Nicholas, and to discover just what I needed to teach my children, I wrote The Nicholas Book: A Legend of Santa Claus.

If it comes down to a choice between losing Santa or losing Jesus, then Santa will have to go. But if it was possible to keep the Santa story, then I needed a story my children could grow into—not a story they would be forced to grow out of. As it stands now, children have to grow out of the Santa story, which is a sure sign that something is wrong. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The great G. K. Chesterton said it well:

“What has happened to me has been the very reverse of what appears to be the experience of most of my friends. Instead of dwindling to a point, Santa Claus has grown larger and larger in my life until he fills almost the whole of it.”

The best things of childhood are not lost when we become grownups: if they are truly worthwhile, we can keep them, albeit in a different form. But if the Father Christmas story was to be something my children could grow into, then that meant giving the story back to Legend and Mystery.

What am I trying to achieve with this book? It can be expressed in two ways:

First, I am trying to retain for my children the wonder, excitement, and joy of the Saint Nicholas legend, but in a better version of the story, and without lying to my children.

Second, I am trying to turn my children’s eyes back to Bethlehem, and away from the North Pole, but without killing the magic. For the death of magic is always accompanied by the birth of unbelief.

Here’s the official description of The Nicholas Book:

“Journey back to small town America in 1959, as the story follows the adventures of Joshua and Rachel Kirk, two kids who set off on a quest to learn the truth about Santa Claus. Hearing of a mysterious book that may answer their questions, they head for The Old Page Bookshop; but on the way, they are pursued by enemies, one who wants revenge, and one who wants only the Book. To find the truth, Joshua and Rachel will have to face their fears, and learn to see the magic of the world with new eyes.”

To purchase the paperback on Amazon:

Reader Reviews for
The Nicholas Book: A Legend of Santa Claus

“Since I got the book, I have never had a moment of peace with my niece who wants me to read and reread the book for her all the time even when it’s not bed time. The book actually brought back memories. It’s a wonderfully written book, one that every family needs to have for Christmas.”

“My family read this while traveling this weekend and what can I say? My 5 year old sat through the whole thing and loved it! … It brings out the real meaning of Christmas yet still allows the whimsy of Santa Claus. Awesome book that will definitely be a new family Christmas Tradition! Great author! Look forward to more from him in the future too!”

“A great read for the child who needs more than just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the great Santa question – and, perhaps more importantly, to the parent who wishes for some of that magic of Christmas to continue past the classic ‘Santa’ years. A pleasure to read.”

“This book is an amazing and unique telling of the legend of St Nicholas. It weaves together a rich and deep history, a captivating narrative, and a positively magical message. If you’ve ever wondered how to explain Santa Claus to yourself or your children, this book is for you.”