Progress Report!

After many weeks of flunking my writing quota, I rejoice to report that this week, I penned six thousand five hundred words of copy, in addition to working my day job, spending evenings with the family, and other claims on my time.

In the scene I just wrote, the quadradimensional ghostblade called Candlewit (which Sir Orlando, called the Last Templar, used to kill and then banish the Faceless Man) has been bestowed on its new bearer, with instructions never to draw it against any mortal. Letters of flame burn in the crystal depth of the blade when its true name is called our in battlecry: Curucondel.

Nor all the dark of endless night
may quench this single candle’s light

Oh, and there is spaceship battle, complete with the blood-red warmoon of the space-pirates whirled out of orbit by its hypergravitic spindizzy engine, firing upon the hard beset planet of walrus-men with interplanetary range beam weapons, and receiving fire in return from the planet-killing Carrington Event Weapon from the iron moon of the defenders. STARQUEST is a space opera, not high fantasy. Except maybe it is not.