Virtual Orchestra: Heavenly Light

From our own Ben Zwycky:

“For your viewing pleasure, I am pleased to present the official music video for Heavenly light, the titular track from the album Virtual Orchestra: Heavenly Light

May it encourage you and help to keep things in perspective in all your daily struggles, and give you strength and hope to stand against the lies, filth and fear that the world would have us fill our souls with. It seems especially appropriate at this time of year, traditionally a time when we look back and seek to learn from our mistakes as well as looking forward to a new year and all the promises of new beginnings that it holds.

The lyrics are:

The world loves the shadows,
And living in fear;
Corrupting its fellows,
More brazen each year.
Devouring its seed corn
to put on a show;
Regarding with deep scorn
All those who don’t know.
But I choose to follow
Your heavenly light;
Despite all my sorrows,
I’ll stand up and fight
For things that are beautiful,
The Good and the true;
Since everything wonderful
Points right back to You.
Grant these frail bones strength enough
To persevere when the road gets rough,
So there’s purpose in my current pain;
I won’t live in vain.
When my time here’s done and I see Your face,
I’ll be welcomed by Your warm embrace,
I’ll have kept the faith and run the race
And at last I’ll be home.