Virtual Orchestra: Heavenly Light 3 & 4

From our own Ben Zwycky:

The fourth track in the Virtual Orchestra: Heavenly Light album, More Than Worthy, addresses this day and age when the pain, isolation and suffering of men is gleefully belittled, and they are sold lives bereft of meaning, lacking any healthy role models, by pointing to Christ as not only a savior, not only a leader worthy of our loyalty, not only a source of wisdom, strength, joy, and purpose, not merely a king who pities our pathetic plight from on high, but a loving friend who understands our pain and loneliness because he has experienced it first-hand. He has bled like us, grieved like us, been betrayed like us, mocked like us, suffered injustice like us, and invites us to become true men living worthwhile, abundant lives.

The lyrics are:

You deeply understand my loneliness,
Abandoned by your closest friends;
And when you prayed alone in deep distress,
You clearly saw how that day would end.
Subjected to all of man’s cruelty,
You died so that others might live;
And as they all mocked you with vicious glee,
You cried out, “O Father, forgive!”
You’re more than worthy of all my praise
With all my strength, for all my days;
You’ve taken away all my guilt and shame,
And shown me the way I should live.
Help me to become a better man,
With love to give and strength to serve.
I know my life is safe within Your hand;
I won’t receive what my sins deserve.
Give me wisdom to see through the world’s great lies
And courage to go against the crowd;
Fixing my eyes on the eternal prize,
With my whole life declaring out loud:
You’re more than worthy of all my praise
With all my strength, for all my days;
You’ve taken away all my guilt and shame,
And shown me the way I should live.

The third track, Uncontainable Holy One, has a similar message, but also highlights the beauty of creation pointing to the glory of its creator and our future with him, and also Christ’s uniqueness and supreme ultimate victory.

The lyrics are:

You paint the sunrise and pour down the rain,
Sculpt towering mountains and wide open plains;
Grant comforting friendships and welcoming smiles,
Warm invitations to rest here a while.
Glittering waterfalls, flowers and trees,
Delicate butterflies, hardworking bees;
Breathtaking beauty is nothing compared
To the radiant glory we’ll see from you there
You’re the Holy one,
Uncontainable God’s own Son,
Flanked by angels, enthroned on high
Your love will never die
You went to find me when my soul was lost,
Were willing to suffer, you’d counted the cost.
You see my cowardice, selfishness, wrath,
Sigh as once more I go down the wrong path;
You witness my failure again and again,
Know all my sorrows and share all my pain.
When I’m broken-hearted, you bleed with me there,
Ensuring that I bring my head up for air.
You’re the Holy One,
Unmistakable God’s own Son,
Irreplaceable Prince of Peace,
You give my heart release.
Holy, powerful,
Truly wonderful.
You’re full of tenderness, justice and mercy;
I long for that great day when finally we’ll see
You face to face,
There in that wondrous place,
For You are the Holy One,
Mighty, powerful God’s own Son;
Truly wonderful Counsellor,
We couldn’t ask for more.