A Question about 2020 Vote Count

Let me ask a question. I have asked several people in various fields, and no one has an answer. 

When the vote count was halted at 3.00 in the morning, PA Trump was up by 682K votes (15.2%); GA 311K (7.5%); MI 207K (9.8%); and WI 128K (4.9%). These are healthy margins. 

Per Politico, Biden allegedly won PA by 2%; GA by 0.2%; MI by 3%; WI by 1%.

These were the only jurisdictions where the vote count was halted. By 7.00 AM next day, five hours later, he had lost all those states.

Leave aside the statistical absurdity involved. My question is this:

  1. Who ordered the vote count halted?
    And let us have the names, please not merely some airy speculation that it was the officers in charge of voting.
  2. By what legal authority?
    I am an attorney, my wife has worked as a poll worker and supervisor in Virginia elections. No one can quote me a statute or regulation which permits this.
  3. On what grounds?
    If the vote count was halted in these jurisdictions, and no others, there should be a stated reason for the halt, something true in these places, no where else.
  4. And why does not one news outlet investigate the answer to this question? Not one?
    I used to work as a newspaperman. It should not be a hard story to cover. But no one is.