Extinctionism is Moloch Worship

The point bears repeating that the seemingly disconnected policies and movements of the Heresy of Postmodernity, also called Critical Everything Theory, is not political in nature, not rational, not economic.

Political issue can find political compromises. Rational issues can be addressed by reason. Economic issues can be solved by frugal industriousness.

But the Postmoderns cannot be negotiated-with, cannot be reasoned-with, cannot be bought. They do not want to live.

I think Extinctionism is religious, or semi-religious in nature. Since ancient times, a certain spirit of man has rejected the idea that life is good and morality is moral, so they seek another type of existence, a mystical existence, unrelated to life, and another type of morality, one based on power, on secret knowledge, based on willpower and lust and ego.

But, naturally, rejecting life and goodness means rejecting heaven.

Likewise, they reject life on earth. Life on earth consists of family and work. Since they undermine romance, love, marriage, they undermine family life, making the word meaningless. Since they undermine work, private property, prosperity, they undermine using natural resources, eating animals, burning fuel or using nuclear. They want a world of beggars and misogynist bachelors.

Beggars have a low life expectancy. Bachelors have a low reproduction rate. High death rate and underpopulation results.

If you reject life on heaven and live on earth, what is left? Life in hell.

For a living example of life in hell, examine any nation where the ideals of the Anti-Life Equation have been put into effect: Soviet Russia, Maoist China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Cuba, Venezuela. In Venezuela is where we see starving men eating zoo animals and pets. Soviet Russia is where we see kulaks eat their own children.

But also see socialist England, where Death Panels deny health care to dying babies, refusing to allow the family to find a private doctor, nor to leave the country.

But also see socialist Canada, where depressed children and old people are herded into euthanasia, because murdering unhappy people saves the State budget.

See America where more unborn babies are murdered each year than all the soldiers who died in all our wars.

It is Moloch worship.

It is a religious matter, not a political movement. They hate God and so they hate the the gift of life.